Introducing Laura Bond of Bahru Boutique

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Back in May I started following Laura Bond founder of Bahru Boutique on Twitter @BahruBoutique, we both ended up in Dorchester Hospital A&E on the same day from sporting injuries.

After lots of tweeting and a few purchases of some of the gorgeous Bahru Boutique jewellery for my holiday in Cyprus, I got round to interviewing Laura for Country Bumpkin Chic.

So, go grab yourselves a cuppa or kick back with a beer and find out more about the founder of snow, surf, culture brand Bahru Boutique. Enjoy!

Aloha Laura & welcome to CBC…

Tell us more about yourself, where you’re based and what you like to do in your down time?

Well, I’ve lived in Dorset my entire life, although I recently spent 8 months living in Brighton over the winter. It’s such an eye-opening place, especially when you’ve lived in a small town your whole life. There’s so many opportunities for young people to be involved in such diverse projects. Unfortunately it lacks a dry ski slope. And as someone who has an almost unhealthy passion for snowboarding, I needed somewhere local to shred some plastic. A combination of wanting to be surrounded by countryside, sandy beaches, family and friends, and a slope brought me back to Dorset. I also love yoga, camping and travelling, oh, and cats!

Laura doing her thang shredding on the dry ski slope

When did you first launch Bahru Boutique?

Bahru has been a bit of a work in progress since January this year and still is. It’s grown out of a love for snow, surf and culture inspired accessories. I’m still finding my feet!

So, what’s the inspiration behind the range?

At the moment it’s an indulgence of summer. Think surfy boho design, really easy to wear at the beach, on holiday, etc.  I’m starting to look towards winter already. It’s a very exciting season for a snowboarder after all and I’ll be launching a men’s section too. As well as introducing a new sponsored team rider, and I’ve started designing winter apparel – so it’s all pretty exciting at the moment.

Check out the website to see the full range from earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and stationery. Prices start on the website from £2.00.

Create and make your own Bahru wrap for £6.00

Bahru product comes in kitsch rose petal tins.

Great for presents.

We’re loving the Maui Flower Knot Wrap £5.50

& what about these cute Maui Flower Earring Set £8.00 to match?

What materials do you use to make the jewellery & accessories?

I’m a bit of a hippie at heart – I love feathers, natural leathers, suede, wooden beads and tie-dye.  Silver compliments these materials so well, and is extremely eye-catching. All of my metalwork/silver components are either silver-plated or sterling. My love for natural materials makes up the basis of what the Bahru lifestyle represents, those that are in touch with nature.

Boho Feather Knot Wrap £5.50

How did you learn to make the products?

I’ve always been an arty crafty sort of person. As a child I would always be making things with my Mum, and studied art and design at school, College and photography at Uni. When I was 16 I got a weekend job in a craft shop, which is when I started making jewellery and learning paper craft techniques, and it’s just grown from there. I’ve never been a lover of sparkly, pearly jewellery with loads of bling. So, I set off tracking down natural materials and designing my own items that I enjoy wearing too. I have a background as a Retail Visual Stylist too which comes in handy when I least expect it.

What’s unique about Bahru Boutique? 

Bahru is about encouraging and improving the independent makers and creator’s community. By joining forces with like-minded individuals, companies and groups we form a stronger bond in not only our business circles, but our social ones too. We’re all in this world together and protecting it, enjoying it and living are core values of what we believe. Where ever possible we use either recycled or recyclable packaging – our surf wraps, earrings and necklaces come in little tins that are great for storing things in after you receive your jewellery.

We’re also sponsoring Cornish surfer Melodie King, and have a close connection with Skate Girls Productions. Both up and coming in their own fields and making quite a mark on their industries.

Team Rider Melodie King

Photos courtesy of Checkered

Can you sum up Bahru Boutique in 3 words?

Snow. Surf. Culture.

Where can west country folk see you this summer?

The biggest event we’re looking forward to is Skate Girls Productions’ Summer Jam at The Front Skatepark in Weymouth on Saturday 12th July 12-6pm. This is their first community event and is aimed at presenting an opportunity for all types of people to try something new and boost confidence. We’re busy filling our diary with various other events throughout Dorset, which you can find details of on our website. I’m also asking people to get in touch if they’re holding events that would suit Bahru Boutique.

To find out more about Bahru Boutique head to…

And if you make any Bahru Boutique purchases over the summer take a snap and send it to Laura via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram…or even email  

Here’s my snaps from sunny Cyprus featuring the Hibiscus Blue Bead Anklet at £3.00 and Turquoise Bracelet.  

Cheers Laura for taking part in our interview on Country Bumpkin Chic blog and all the best with Bahru Boutique.

Becky x

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