Monto Water Rats

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Wednesday was a case of right time, right place for once and meant I could catch my favourite Dorchester band of the moment The Indices showcasing their new EP In the Clutches of Minds in London.

The venue was the Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross which on first appearances reminded me of the Vic in Eastenders, but this wasn’t the East End… there was no buxom barmaids or bar brawls to be seen! The Indices played on stage in the small back room, making it an intimate affair – which must have been pretty amazing if you were lucky enough to have seen Bob Dylan, The Pogues, Oasis’s first London debut or The Courteeners to name a few play back in the day.

The Indices were first up on stage and put in a foot perfect performance in front of the uber cool London crowd – Only for the Weekends is still my favourite number. I was pleased a few of my friends got to watch the local band I rave about, and likened them to The Strokes and White Stripes – not a bad reference lads?

The Indices

So if you haven’t checked The Indices out yet you can listen to their EP on Sound Cloud or download it on iTunes and to keep up with the latest news follow them on Twitter (@The_Indices) or on Facebook.

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