Top 10 Gutsy Girls Sardinian Moments

End of June I spent a fantastic adventure holiday with Gutsy Girls in Sardinia hosted by Nu Adventure. Since attending their Bath SUP adventure on the Avon River, Kennet & Avon Canals back in 2020 with Gutsy Girls I’ve been a keen bean wanting to go on one of their adventure SUP x Hike x Yoga holidays as they always look so epic. And epic it was!

I joined 10 other Gutsy Girls mainly from the UK & Ireland but with an international flavour with two girls from the US, one from Sweden & a travelling Aussie & resident UK-based Kiwi, & some lovely Irish ladies! We stayed in the colourful town of Bosa, located near the Temo River, about a 2-hour road trip from Olbia airport.

My home for the week was the Queen House Bosa hotel which had recently had a renovation. It was simple, yet clean and cool. Most days the temperature was in the 30s, with some days on the weather app saying it felt like 40C+ – which was pretty hot. And felt a very different hot to the recent heatwave in the UK.

Bosa Town

Seeing as it had been 3 years since my last holiday abroad to Crete, I was keen to soak up as much as possible & somehow managed to fill my camera roll with 500+ images & videos (probably no surprise to some of my friends) – although I think I have the lovely Rebecca to thank for that as well 😊

So, I will try & share my Top 10 Gutsy Girls Sardinian moments…

  1. Bosa Town

Bosa is a very picturesque & colourful town on the west coast of Sardinia beside the Temo river. Full of charming architecture everywhere you turn. As the cool kids would say – it’s very instagrammable! There were so many quaint little bars, cafes and restaurants tucked down different streets or squares. One of the highlights has to be the castle which is perfect for an evening Aperol Spritz – making the hike up the steps worth it.

Castle Views
Castle Views
  1. Sea SUP & Swims

There’s nothing more satisfying when sea supping, than navigating your way around a cliff face to be greeted by the most beautiful cove, perfect for sea swimming, rock jumping, a coffee break & of course some holiday posing. For me, the day we did our sea SUP was what I came on holiday for. A challenging paddle taking you to the most idyllic & deserted spot (well until mid-morning when the rest of Bosa got up) – it felt very Swallow & Amazons.

Most gorgeous views
Most gorgeous views. Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Strike a pose!
Strike a pose!
  1. River SUP

A Sunday paddle down the River Temo from the centre of Bosa into the countryside was a very tranquil way to spend a morning along with river dips, ice tea & snacks along with deep & meaningful chats by the tree.

Chatting and Supping - 2 of my favourite things Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Chatting and Supping – two of my favourite things Photo credit: Nu Adventure
River SUP
River SUP with views
  1. Acro Yoga

Some days mother nature decided to do its own thing, meaning we had to swap a morning paddling for Acro Yoga – which was a total surprise for everyone, but the most pleasant surprise. A real challenge working with partners, combining yoga & acrobatics to strike poses above the ground. It was also really satisfying when we achieved it. The Yoga Pirates duo were fantastic teachers & amazing to watch them in action.

Acro Yoga pose complete! Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Acro Yoga pose – complete! Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Acro Yoga
The Yoga Pirates in action
  1. Floating Coffee Bar & The Magic Box

I’m going to daydream about that floating coffee bar on the paddleboard and that magic box for the rest of this year. Such a great idea by the Nu Adventure guys. The floating bar always popped up at just the right time when we needed caffeine or cold tea pick me up, & the magic box kept us going – with the sweet pastries & watermelon which often made a surprise appearance when we needed an extra push to get home.

Will paddle for treats aka 'magic box'. Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Will paddle for treats aka ‘magic box’. Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Floating coffee bar. Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Floating coffee bar – the only way I’ll have my coffee now. Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Coffee with a view!
Coffee with a view!
  1. Pasta making

Making pasta with nonna Rosa at Don Carlos was probably one of the highlights of the trip, such a lovely evening, with everyone getting involved & was surprisingly easier than I imagined. Definitely, a must-do if you ever go to Italy or Sardinia. Just make sure you leave enough room to eat your pasta efforts afterwards.

Look at that concentration
Look at that concentration
  1. Wine tasting

You can’t go to Sardinia or Italy without going on a wine tasting tour – or why not 2 in our case. One was at Malvasia of Bosa on our second night which was a great way to break the ice tasting wine & the most amazing cheeses, & the second one was on a boat – definitely more booze cruise than sophisticated wine tasting – a jolly good time was had by all.

That sunset! Photo credit: Nu Adventure
That sunset! Photo credit: Nu Adventure
Cheers Bosa
Cheers Bosa

  1. Sardinian Food & Drink

The Nu Adventure team made sure we ate at some of the best spots for lunch & dinner around Bosa. We ate several seafood platters which were mouth-wateringly amazing, as well as lots of pizza & pasta. And of course, we had to try out the local Sardian shot Mirto which would most definitely put hairs on your chest. It was great to support the local restaurants & cafes – having a true local experience.

See food - eat food
See food – eat food
  1. Aperol Spritz 

I arrived in Sardinia as an Aperol Spritz novice & left as a connoisseur – well, almost. A day didn’t go by when I didn’t have one. There is something quite special about having an Aperol in the sunshine, & I’m determined to carry on those holiday vibes back in the UK. (I can confirm they don’t taste as good as they do on holiday!)

Have you ever been to Italy if you don't have an Aperol?
Have you ever been to Italy if you don’t have an Aperol?
  1. The GGs & Nu Adventure Team

Fabrizio & Nico from Nu Adventure who Gutsy Girls partnered with to host the Sardian trip hands down made the trip with their amazing organisation, knowledge of Sardinia & never-ending kindness & enthusiasm. I’ve been on a few surf trips over the years, but these guys hands down made it an epic holiday.

Oh, & of course, the amazing 10 Gutsy Girls & our lovely host & yoga teacher Rehmat with her calm aura made it a very memorable trip. I mean 12 independent females must have been hard to keep in order at times! 😊

Team GG Sardinia
Team GG Sardinia
Take me back now!
Take me back now!

If you enjoyed reading my Top 10 moments from my Gutsy Girls Sardian Adventure & thinking of booking a trip – check out their website.

Nat the founder has worked hard to curate lots of amazing adventure holidays for all ages & adventure abilities. And if you’re unsure about travelling solo – my advice would be to just go for it, or chat to someone who’s done it before – you really won’t regret it. Life is far too short to not have that adventure. My DMs are always open to chat as well if you have any questions.

Here’s to making a life full of adventure memories.


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