Old Harry Rocks Sunrise Sup

Old Harry Rocks Sunrise Sup

Usually when I’m leaving the house at 3am it’s to head to the airport. However, this time I was up before the crack of dawn and even the birds waiting to be picked up by my best friend for an early 40th birthday adventure. And that adventure turned out to be an epic sunrise SUP across to Old Harry Rocks in Studland. Making the 2am alarm clock 100% worth it!

Here are some of my favourite memories from June 2021 of that epic sunrise SUP organised by the Apex Expeditions team. This paddle has certainly made it into my Top 3 favourite SUPs, and probably my #1 Dorset SUP. I’d recommend it to any keen paddleboarder & I’d also recommend heading out with a guide or experienced paddleboarder for your first time as it can get choppy around the stacks.

Sunrise sup
Which way to Old Harry Rocks?
Setting off on a SUP adventure
Setting off on a SUP adventure
Waiting for the sunrise
There she is, peeping through – blessed by a beautiful sunrise
The breakfast of dreams
The breakfast of dreams
That light
Just taking it all in
Just taking it all in
The 3am pick up was worth it
The 3am pick up was worth it
Hello Old Harry
Hello Old Harry
Are we in Greece or Dorset?
Door to the world – let’s go!
Dorset you are so beautiful
Best way to start the day with my bestie
Everyone loves a sea selfie
Smiles all round for an epic start to the day
The return paddle was just as epic
Stunning views
Happiness is…
The end of an epic adventure. When can we go again? 

As you can tell from the photos this was an epic adventure courtesy of my best friend Rachel to celebrate my 40th birthday. I would 100% recommend this paddle, however, would also recommend going with a guide such as Apex Expeditions.

If you enjoyed this SUP review or have any questions, feel free to drop me a messasge in the comments or over on my Instagram page @becky_wren

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