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Do you practice yoga or ever dreamt of looking serene on your mat or perfecting a tricky yoga move, but just don’t know where to start? Well, I caught up with the lovely Sadie Tonks to find out more about how she got into yoga & her yoga business Wild Ones & of course find out what her favourite yoga pose is.

Hey, Sadie welcome to the Country Bumpkin Chic blog…

Yoga pose
Sadie Tonks

First off, tell us a bit about you… where do you live, how did you get into yoga etc

Well, I’ve lived all over the place this past year, it’s certainly been quite an unexpected journey for all of us I think. This time last year I was living in Nusa Lembongan, a little Island off of Bali (Paradise).

Before that, I’d been living in London for over 1o years. I came back to the UK days before lockdown one. I went to visit my family in Devon which ended up being 4 months!! After 6 months in Bali and 4 Months in Devon and the Corona uncertainty, I made the unexpected decision to leave London. I’ve been in Bath since September and have lived out the last 2 lockdowns there with a gorgeous old friend I’ve known forever, 2 pups (one is very naughty) and a yoga studio in the garden. The sea is calling though so watch this space.

How did I get into yoga? Honestly… as an unemployed actress, I had A LOT of time on my hands and one day decided I’d do one of the trials at a local yoga studio and that was that. After a little studio hopping, I found the teachers  & studios I liked and it just evolved from there.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

I got a little lost in London life if I’m honest. The constant uncertainty as an actress was a lot and yoga became my little bit of solace in a chaotic world. It was a way of grounding. When I took my first training, I thought it could be nice to be a teacher, but I wasn’t 100% sold. At that point I was doing it for myself and was adamant “I was an actress” and nothing would get in the way of that. Looking back now it’s funny how attached we get to labels. That is one thing yoga has helped me let go of!

Where did you do your yoga training?

Being the wanderer who had somehow got stuck in London I knew I was going away to immerse myself in my yoga teacher training. After a little research I realised most of my favourite teachers at the time had all trained at the same place, so it was a no brainer for me.

I trained with Jen Yarro and Frog Lotus Yoga in Thailand. I still hadn’t booked my flight a week before I was due to go, for some reason I was terrified to commit – I did, albeit last-minute tyle and it has honestly changed my life. I also met some of the most incredible humans from all over.

Yoga pose
Sadie Tonks

Tell us about your business Wild Ones & how people can practise with you?

Wild Thing was born on a beach in Bali and scribbled on the back of a napkin – which I still have today. The idea was to offer people the opportunity to disconnect from the craziness of life, connecting to nature and giving yourself time to be playful, to REWILD (essentially the island life we’d found back home). Initially, it was only ever meant to be retreats so I got planning away, designed the print with a gorgeous new friend on our little island and slowly, tentatively started promoting it. Of course, things took an unexpected turn last year. I had to change the date of the retreat I had planned and started teaching online. The retreat sold and the online community grow.

It was the community that became really important to me, seeing the same faces weekly from all over the globe who started connecting with each other from their little zoom squares.

From here The Wild Ones was born – An online Yoga Studio and Community offering On-Demand and unlimited live Memberships to fit in with your Life. A place for Wild Souls to connect and flow.

So, for now, you can practise with me online, you can come for a one-off wiggle or join the Wild Ones…

What are the different types of yoga you offer & what is the difference?

Since my first training in Thailand which was Vinyasa Yoga, I’ve since trained in Yin and Mandala Flow.

Mandala and Vinyasa are a similar dynamic practise where you flow with the breath however in Mandala, we flow 360 degrees around the mat, working with the elements that correlate to different parts of the body. It’s a really beautiful, fluid style that takes you out of your head. I teach playful, creative vinyasa flow classes offering you the opportunity to explore your practice in your body with openness and no expectations.

Yin is completely different. It’s a still practice and there is absolutely no flowing. You hold shapes for anywhere from 2- 5 minutes.

Do you have to have practised yoga to join a class?

You absolutely can come to my classes as a complete beginner. After all yoga isn’t about the shapes we make with our bodies. Mandala can seem a little crazy if you’ve never done yoga before BUT if you come with an openness to play that’s all you need.

I hear you hold retreats as well? Tell us all about that!

I do indeed. Wild Thing which is where it all began.

We were lucky enough to go ahead with the sell-out retreat in September last year jut between lockdowns. It was the most magical weekend and I’m so excited to be offering 2 more this year. One in May which is sold out but we’re just planning one for later this year in Cornwall. Details will be announced very soon. Wild Thing is all about finding your wild…

Reawaken your senses & discover your inner wild child.



Yoga pose
Sadie Tonks

Some quick-fire fun questions:

Favourite yoga pose?

Oooh, it’s got to be Pincha (forearm stand) I love getting upside down…. and falling I should add.

Favourite place to practice yoga – home & abroad?

There’s nothing like practising on a beach to the sounds of the waves!

Favourite music to practice to?

I love love putting together playlists for my classes and always test them out first. You can have a listen here

Your favourite yogi?

Depending on my mood my favourite to practise with is Alan Ellman, Cali Popham and the wonderful Emily Clare Hill.

Go to sportswear for practising yoga?

I am a sucker for LuLu lemon Aligns. I also love and live in my indigo luna bras.

If you’re not practising yoga, what can we find you doing?

I’m an absolute self-confessed ocean lover. So, anything in the water. I love scuba diving, free diving and although awful at it, really got into surfing in Bali. I love discovering new places and getting lost along the way. I love losing myself in the theatre (Jerusalem and People Places and Things have stuck with me). I also love love eating out and cannot wait until we can do this again!

Tell us all the places we can find you online?


When you sign up to my newsletter you get a little freebie – a link to an on demand welcome flow and a free live class.

Wild Ones Membership – A monthly Online Yoga Studio & Community

Finally, you can connect with me on Instagram @SaideMTonks

Thanks, Sadie for taking part in the Country Bumpkin Chic blog & we wish you all the best with The Wild Ones.

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