Winter Self-Care Tips

Hello, Country Bumpkins – I truly hope you’re all doing okay, & if not, it’s okay to have a down day, or two or week – we’re all in this together & as I can’t hug you physically, I’m sending you all a virtual hug & hoping this blog post will spark some joy or ideas.

As we all know, January feels like a very long month normally with continuous rubbish weather, winter blues, & just a bit meh. Then layer on new lockdown restrictions across the UK & it can feel like the never-ending winter.

So, here at Country Bumpkin Chic, I’ve teamed up with some absolutely fabulous small businesses to help spread some positivity during January & share some top self-care tips.

Touch Of Tweed

Founder Catherine’s top self-care tip is to give yourself a non-negotiable 30 minutes self-care each week. This should be 30 minutes doing something you love. That could be 30 minutes of exercise, a walk, a ride, a workout. It could be 30 minutes with your favourite hot drink in your garden just sitting. Maybe it is 30 minutes on the sofa, cosy in a blanket, 30 minutes reading or watching the TV. Whatever you would like to do, make sure you do it.

Touch of tweed blanket
Touch of Tweed Blanket – £90

Touch of Tweed has an exclusive range of blankets made to your colourway specifications & available in a choice of two sizes. Transform your sofa or bed with a super cosy blanket. Not just for the home, this versatile blanket is great for picnics out, barbecues, beach days and nights, working from home and life on the road, van style. Super soft and warm these blankets are made from 100% organic cotton, with a striking contrasting British Tweed stripe and backed with British 100% natural lambswool fleece. Easy to roll up and secured in place with a matching tweed ribbon. The winner will get the chance to have a bespoke blanket made up & can choose from 8 cotton colours & 10 tweed colours.

Hiho Silver

Managing Director of Hiho Emma Warren’s top self-care tip: There’s nothing we would recommend more than getting out and about in the fresh air for a hack, a run, a walk or an amble, even if the weather’s a bit dank. The change of scenery revives the mind and the lure of a treat like a warming hot chocolate after you’ve been outside is always a winner.

Hiho Silver bangle
Silver two-tone rope circle bangle – £80

Over 25 years ago this design of rope twist round circles and the two-tone gold look was a very popular bracelet and necklace combination. Nearly two years ago now Hiho plundered their classic designs and brought it back for their 25th anniversary. The classic design has been as popular then as it is now with many people asking if they could do a bangle version.

Stitched Equestrian

Stitched Equestrian founder Victoria Jenner’s top tip for keeping your spirits up – As someone who already works at home and alone, not much has changed for me during the lockdowns, but I know that for many the isolation and lack of the usual human contact have been particularly tough. However, lockdown or not, working alone can be lonely and so my go-to is to do the opposite of what all the productivity experts say and I ‘enter the wormhole’! I take a break and indulge in viral videos, Reels and TikTok. There is something particularly liberating about laughing out loud at something and funny videos are perfect for that. A particular favourite of mine is the classic Fenton video, I never tire of it and it even inspired one of my best-selling sweatshirts! So, my tip would be to give yourself a break and indulge in some silliness. Find some Instagram accounts with hilarious Reels to follow, re-visit your favourite YouTube moments and let the laughs flow.

The iconic FENTON is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially if you reward yourself by watching the clip on YouTube again. Super soft cosy unisex fit sweatshirt with a bold print. All sweatshirts are approved by ‘Fairwear Foundation’ and are ethically sourced plus they are 100% sustainable. Plus, did you know Bear Hug Goods support mental health charity Mind with 10% from each sale is donated to them.

Dimpsey Glamping

Dimpsey founder Emma’s top self-care tip – Me-time is so important and often overlooked, so make sure that you prioritise it into some of your days at some point – just ten minutes reading a magazine with a cup of coffee is a good reviver. Even better is 30 minutes of pampering time so that you can add in a soak in the bath, the application of some gorgeous body cream and the feeling that you escaped from the busy briefly

Dimpsey pouch
Dimpsey Hither rose gold clutch – £49

This gorgeous clutch bag is perfect for evenings out, handbag organiser or to keep those pens and pencils altogether. A handy inner pocket and bracelet hanger mean that this little number will also double up as a make-up/jewellery bag. Designed by Dimpsey and made by Owen Barry in Somerset.


Top self-care from the Rockfish team – is very simple. ‘Eat more fish’ it’s so healthy and so simple to cook.’

Why? Fish is….

  • Great for your heart
  • Boosts your immunity
  • A great source of vitamin D
  • Helps you feel happy
  • Improves vision and eye health
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Helps with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure
  • And can even increase concentration and attention

Fish Easy Cook book – Over 100 simple and delicious 30 minute seafood recipes from Mitch Tonks. Recipes using fish and shellfish, ranging from salmon and prawns to John Dory and clams.

Sardines £4.95 – The first of the seasons sardines from Mount’s Bay Cornwall. Mitch says “I’ve always loved canned seafood, the experience is completely different but as equally delicious as fresh, salted and smoked and I’ve always admired how the French, Spanish and Portuguese do it, I think in these countries is cultural and they have the expertise but I’ve always wanted to do something with the best of British Seafood, so here it is.

Country Bumpkin Chic 

Top self-care tip from the blogger of Country Bumpkin Chic Becky Wren – is to take 10 minutes in the morning before you start work or home schooling or mucking out the horses & move to get the endorphins pumping. It will help put you in a good mood or shift any funks you wake up in. Even when you don’t feel like it, just get up, pop some leggings & a t-shirt on & reach for YouTube. My go-to online workouts include Joe Wicks The Body Coach for a bit of HIIT, Popsugar Fitness for some really great dance or cardio sessions, Yoga With Adriene – something for all abilities & I love her dog Benji & for the equestrians Ready to Ride have some great videos for warming up before you go ride.

What’s your top winter self care tips?


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