#2 CBC Chats to Muddy Mare Clothing

Hello & thanks for popping back to read the 2nd edition of Country Bumpkin Chic Chats to blog series. I’d love you to give a warm welcome to Amy Pridige from Muddy Mare Clothing.

Muddy Mare Clothing Founder - Amy Pridige
Muddy Mare Clothing Founder – Amy Pridige

Now you may remember I product tested & reviewed the Muddy Mare Clothing #Horsemates sweatshirt as part of Rhea Freeman’s Social Supercharge: Riders course for NFU Countryside magazine – which you can read below (click to expand). It was lovely to catch up with Amy the founder of Muddy Mare, which is most definitely a brand with heart.

#Horsemates Sweatshirt NFU Countryside Magazine Produ
#Horsemates Sweatshirt NFU Countryside Mag Product Review

1. What inspired you to set up Muddy Mare Clothing?

I wanted to volunteer for the RDA but due to other family and work commitments I could not do that. This way I can raise money for the RDA and fit it around my schedule.

2. Tell us the story behind your brand name Muddy Mare.

Muddy Mare was the Instagram name that I started out with. I have a non-horsey husband and just wanted to have somewhere to put pictures of Queen – my loan horse. She is a grey and I spend most of my time getting and trying to keep her clean.

3. What made you want to launch the #Horsemates clothing range?

I made some lovely friends through my Muddy Mare page on Instagram and thought to myself surely there are so many equestrians on social media it could be used to help those who use horses as their therapy and rehab. I wanted to make the range a bit more modern to attract a younger audience as well as the more mature audience.

4. How did the partnership with the RDA come about?

My dad rides with the local RDA group and uses it as part of his rehab since getting an illness several years ago called Gullian Barre which left him unable to walk. He has since worked very hard and learned to walk again. But like me he has always been fond of horses. After attending his RDA summer show last year, I knew I wanted to support the charity.

5. What else can we expect from Muddy Mare Clothing?

Oh, there’s lots more to come. I will always be growing and expanding, even if it’s just adding new designs along the way. It is only the beginning and it is my dream to be a continued source of income however big or small to the RDA.

Amy & Queenie
Amy & Queenie

Quick fire Country Bumpkin Chic round:

1. Top equestrian event to attend… (obviously when lockdown isn’t taking place)

Burghley – it has become an annual mini break for me and my friends. I love it and somehow, we have been lucky enough so far to find some great viewing spots on cross country day. Oh, and the shopping is amazing. But last year we were very disappointed that the Goose Fat Roast Potato stand wasn’t there. Once tasted never forgotten

2. Picnic must have…

Cake! Coffee and walnut is my favourite, then red velvet.

3. Favourite tipple (alcoholic / non alcoholic)…

Pink gin with lemonade. But I love double Dutch tonic without the gin if I am driving, if you haven’t tried it you must.

4. Motivational song…

Giant by Calvin Harris & Rag n Bone Man

5. Top piece of advice for anyone looking to start a business….

Don’t overthink it believe in yourself and do it.

Thank you Amy for taking part in Country Bumpkin Chic Chats to blog series & we wish you all the best with Muddy Mare.

Muddy Mare Logo
Muddy Mare Logo

Where are all the places we can find Muddy Mare on social?

Website: www.muddymare.co.uk

Instagram: @muddymareclothing

Facebook: @muddymareequine

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