Lockdown Daily Routine

I thought I’d share my lockdown daily routine whilst I’ve been WFH since 23rd March. It will also be something to look back on in years to come, to remember how we survived that strange period back in 2020 when we all stayed home to save others. And hopefully it might inspire some others with a few tips along the way.

I think Britney want's her headset back!
Britney called & she wants her headset back! Jumper courtesy of Muddy Mare Clothing.

5.45am: Alarm starts buzzing on my mobile phone. I’ve started charging my phone on the landing, so it means I physically need to get up to turn it off & it doesn’t distract me before I go to bed.

5.50am: After a fab chat with Nicky from Be Your best Yet I’ve started using my Fearne Cotton Calm Journal to write 3 things I’m grateful for before I start my day. This can be anything from a 4 day week, to sunshine & Netflix! You really do notice that it’s the little things that make you happy during these strange times.

6.15am: I’m deffo a brekkie before anything type of girl. My usual go to is x2 poached eggs on brown toast or porridge or even local Dorset honey on toast washed down with a glass of orange juice, & Earl Grey tea. I’ll also take a Vitamin C tablet in a pint glass of water to give me a little extra kick (although I’m sure it’s all in the mind).

6.30am-7am: Depending on how energetic I’m feeling I’ll either go for a run round the village, or follow a Yoga with Adriene short yoga flow session. I’ve also just discovered PopSugar Fitness who have some fab fitness sessions from dancing to toning up your abs! And yes, I have been known to do the odd Joe Wicks – he’s a total legend.

Morning workout - hope the neighbours don't spot me!
Morning workout – hope the neighbours don’t spot me!

7.30-8am: I pop over to the horse’s stables & put both Leo & Barley out in their field with my dad, before nipping home to start the working day. Thankfully they’re in their summer fly masks & rugs – which is crazy for April, but means it doesn’t take too long to get them ready.

Zebras or horses?
Zebras or horses?

8am: Arrive back at home, pop the kettle on whilst I get changed into a WFH outfit. My fave outfit has to be wearing a Screwfix polo shirt with my Muddy Mare #Horsemates sweatshirt & some sport leggings. I’ve also been wearing my Honest Rider t-shirts on rotation, they’re super comfy for sitting in my kitchen all day! And of course I usually have some Hiho Silver jewellery on to make me smile. I’m loving my new silver & turquoise earrings.

Going all zen on the WFH set up
Going all zen on the WFH set up

8-10:15am: The morning whizzes by with about 3-4 Microsoft Team calls, I’m definitely getting braver & putting the video function on. I don’t worry so much that I haven’t worn any make up since March or straightened my hair. Just turning up, smiling, being chipper & ready to help my colleagues out is the main thing.

11am: One of the positives to being on lockdown during this time, has been getting hold of hot cross buns! There’s nothing better than sitting outside in the sunshine with a cuppa tea & enjoying a yummy hot cross bun with melted butter & taking 5 minutes to soak up the sun & listen to the birds chirping away.

12ish: Lunch is usually anytime between 12-1pm depending on the next conference call. In the office I usually make the most of The Hub & my go to would be a jacket potato with baked beans & melted cheese. In this new WFH life, lunch looks a bit different. My go to has been a cheese, ham & tomato toastie after rediscovering my toastie machine. I’ve also enjoyed some very yummy pasties from Wild & Game who have created some fab Self Isolation packs full of pies, pasties & sausage rolls. What more could you want?

Yummy pasty from Wild and Game keeping me fuelled
Yummy pasty from Wild and Game keeping me fuelled

2pm: There’s usually an afternoon conference call of some sort, we’ve had great fun discovering the new Microsoft Teams backgrounds & pretending we’re on the beach – oh the simple things in life!

3ish: And there’s always time for afternoon cake. Right? Who else has got their bake on during lockdown? I’ve baked banana bread, blueberry muffins, Easter nests & lemon drizzle cake with gin – which went epically wrong & sunk! Although I did make a successful lemon drizzle cake years ago. What have you been baking?

Did someone say cake?
Did someone say cake?

4-4.30pm: Depending on how the week is going, we’ll hopefully finish about 4ish with an end of Team day call which is a lovely way to sign off. However, if there’s a project being worked on there might be an end of day check in to find out how the day went & work out what needs to happen the following day.

4:30 – 6:30pm: At the end of the day I’ll change (again) into my riding clothes & head over to see the horses & take one of them out for a hack. I’m very grateful to be able to continue riding during this time as it’s certainly kept me sane. We’ve set up a few schooling areas in the field for lunging, pole work & dressage practice – so there’s no excuses for us to practice our flatwork & stay fit.

No place Id rather be
No place I’d rather be

6.30-7.30pm: Dinner time is powered by Gousto a meal subscription service which I get delivered weekly. It means I don’t have to rely on going to the supermarket. I’ve been using them since end of Feb & loving the variety, eating healthy & the easy to follow recipes. Most meals are washed down with a cheeky Thatcher’s cider. I recently managed to buy a box load of Thatcher’s & it’s been a great way to try a variety of flavours & support a west country business. Well that’s what I keep telling myself!

#1 Gousto Fan
#1 Gousto Fan

7:30-9pm: The evenings are definitely a time for chilling out. Thank goodness for Netflix, Prime & BBC iPlayer for all the entertainment. My top things to watch at the moment are the new series of Our Girl & Killing Eve. I’m also dabbling with Tiger King – who hasn’t? I’m also trying to keep my reading up, at the moment I’m reading Marie Forleo’s ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ which is a motivational book & pretty apt for reading on lockdown.

9.30pm: I’d love to say that I’m a wild child staying up late, but in reality, I’m a morning bird & sound asleep by 9.30pm. Who else has had some epic dreams recently? I think that could be a blog post in itself!

Would love to know what your lockdown daily routine looks like, is it much different to your normal weekly routine or does this feel like the new norm? I think I’ve reduced my biscuit intake & upped my cake intake instead! Oops.


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  1. April 26, 2020 / 7:32 pm

    Seems like you’ve got this nailed 🙌🏻

    • countrybumpkinchic
      April 27, 2020 / 8:30 am

      Thanks Leah, I think the key is finding a routine.

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