Equestrian Fitness #2 – Julia Buckley Fitness

Next up in my Equestrian Fitness series let me introduce you to Julia Buckley who I’ve been following for a number of years, long before Instagram became a thing.

Julia splits her time between London and Dorset, and now in her early forties is a fantastic role model for women and her website has a variety of exercise routines for all fitness levels.

Julia Buckley Fitness
Julia Buckley Fitness in Portland, Dorset

Julia Buckley Fitness Social

Tell us a bit about yourself & the fitness website

My background is in journalism, but I’ve been focused on my work as a fitness trainer for the last eight years. My online gym is a website which members can access from any internet-connected device and workout along with me in videos. A key feature is the members Facebook group where people can get advice and coaching from me personally whenever they want it and support from their fellow members.

Julia Buckley Fitness
Julia Buckley Fitness

What is the new 10-week transformation?

Last year I found myself in a place where I really didn’t feel good about the condition of my body. I’d just finished rehab for my broken wrist when I came down with a severe chest infection combined with a lot going on in my personal life left me really out of shape. Because of my broken wrist my upper body strength was pretty much zero – I couldn’t even do one full press-up and moves like pull-ups were way beyond me.

I wanted fast results and felt like I wanted to rebuild and recondition my body from the ground up. A positive mindset is far more motivating and effective for results than a negative approach so I saw it as an opportunity for a reset, to iron out any kink in my technique I’d had previously and also to reconnect with the people who follow my workouts – basically I was a beginner again!

I’ve transformed my body before and helped thousands of other people do the same with my previous programmes, so I know what works. But this time I was putting all my amassed knowledge and experience into a super-honed plan – I had total confidence in the process. This is something I’m really emphasising to the people who are now following my footsteps in the plan. You have to banish all doubts and just commit to the process because even when it might not seem like anything is changing the work you’re putting will deliver results if you stay consistent and give it time.

“The strapline for 10 Week Breakthrough is: The process is proven. The only question is, will you do it?”

In short, it’s a 10-week plan based on my own transformation reset workouts. It’s really flexible, there are schedules for 3, 4, 5 or 6 workouts per week, you can do it with no equipment, or you have the option of using weights and/or a pull-up bar.

Now is a great time to start because our Facebook group is buzzing with people starting the plan, everyone’s in it together. The atmosphere of support and inspiration is amazing.

Julia Buckley Fitness
Julia Buckley Fitness home workouts easy to follow on your mobile phone or laptop

Why do you think it would be good for equestrian riders?

The 10 Week Transformation features a lot of core stability work, which I recommend to everyone for lots of reasons, but of course for equestrian riders this is a really important area to train and strengthen. The full body dynamic strength and cardio training is great for equestrian too.

How can people start or join up?

I’m really passionate about getting the 10 Week Transformation out to as many people as possible, so I’m running a New Year offer at under 30p per day (£9.85 monthly)! This includes full access to the online gym, you can do as many workouts as like, whenever you like, and get coaching from me via the Facebook group whenever you want it.

You can also try it out totally free for 7 days before paying anything, so if people want to know more I recommend they get the free trial and see it all for themselves. Just go to juliabuckleyfitness.com and click the Join button.

Julia Buckley Fitness Home Workout is easy to sign up to
Julia Buckley Fitness programs are easy to sign up to

Becky Wren / Country Bumpkin Chic Thoughts on Julia Buckley Fitness

I’ve used Julia’s workouts ‘The Beginner’ & just started my journey on the 10 Week Transformation to add more cardio into my routine. I was sweating after Day 1 of the 10-Week Transformation. I try & fit in a session before heading to work, it does mean getting up at 5.45am some days, but I am buzzing afterwards – which can only be good. I like the fact there’s no pressure to use weights, & there are plenty of exercises which encourage you to use your own body weight. There’s also no pressure to do lots of exercises in one week. Some weeks I fit in 3 other’s in might be 1 or 2 depending on what’s going on that week.

Julia's programs are easy to follow on my laptop
Julia’s programs are easy to follow on my laptop

Anyone else use online fitness workouts? Or if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

You can read my Equestrian Fitness #1 – Activate Your Seat here.


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