Countryside Blogger Awards 2019 Finalist

To vote for Country Bumpkin Chic in this year's Countryside Blogger of the Year Awards 2019 click here

If you’ve been on social media recently, you would have seen that my darling Country Bumpkin Chic blog has made it to the final 10 of this year’s Countryside Blogger of the Year Awards sponsored by Haynet. And out of 200+ entries is shortlisted up against some very impressive countryside bloggers which you can read about in an editorial post & discover some other fabulous blogs to read.

Countryside Blogger of the Year 2019 Finalist
Countryside Blogger of the Year 2019 Finalist

To make it to the final is amazing & I’m so honoured to make it to the final 10. It makes the work I put into the blog between juggling a full-time job in Digital & competing horses worth it, although as you can tell I love blogging so it’s never a chore & always a joy.

However, it’s not over yet! The next stage is a public vote, which makes up 50% of the final decision, the other 50% comes down to the judges decision by founder of Haynet, Sam Hobden & MD of Country & Lifestyle PR & Social Media Marketing Agency MirrorMePR – Ashley Rossiter.

I’m not sure which I’m more nervous about – the X Factor style vote off or being scrutinised by the judges! At least Simon Cowell won’t be involved.

I NEED YOUR HELP! If you’ve ever read one of Country Bumpkin Chic’s blog posts from the last 9 years, or a social media post – please give us a vote!

Simply pop over to the voting link here


– it only takes 20 seconds, so I’m told.

And thank you if you’ve already voted, it really does mean a lot to me & if I win I will repay you with cake & cider. Thatchers obviously being a west country girl.

And if you still need convincing on why you should vote for Country Bumpkin Chic, have a read of my award entry & I’ll let the words do the talking:

Why do you think your blog should win? (in 250 words – which is not a lot!)

The Country Bumpkin Chic blog launched in 2010 as a place to share tales from across the west country of rural England.

Winning the accolade of Countryside Blogger of the Year Awards 2019 would be an amazing achievement and I’d use it to help celebrate everything there is to love about the countryside and carry on promoting the country way of life.

Why Country Bumpkin Chic? Being nestled in the beautiful Dorset countryside and stone’s through away from the Jurassic coast, I want to share that magic with even more like-minded country folk and the not so like-minded country folk too.

I’m passionate about writing, and write to inspire, educate and involve the reader in my blog posts. Blogging has led me to meeting some wonderfully inspiring people over the years.

My content has a country angle, from cider events, spotlights on country-based brands such as Wild and Game and Hiho Silver, through to interviews with famous musicians and top places to paddleboard. Winning would be perfect for helping reach a wider audience to educate about these wonderful delights on offer.

Horses are my passion and make the odd appearance on the blog, but in a different guise as I talk about some of the amazing locations we compete at or my love for volunteering for British Eventing and encouraging others to get involved.

I’m a true country bumpkin at heart and would love to be a role model for the Countryside Blogger of the Year Awards 2019.

I’ll leave it there, thank you for reading & your vote ?


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