What do you get when you mix cider & running?

The answer is Ciderthon! A 13 mile run cider pilgrimage with a cider pit stop at every mile, what more could you want for a May Bank Holiday. The event is taking place for the second time on Sunday 5th May, in Taunton in the heart of cider drinking country.

Country Bumpkin Chic caught up with the founder of Ciderthon Nikki Hawkes to find out more about the event.
Nikki Hawkes holding Sheppy's Cider
Founder Nikki Hawkes
  1. Hey Nikki & welcome to CBC, so what inspired you to set up Ciderthon?

I had heard about the French Marathon du Medoc (add link) which is a full marathon with wine tasters in the south of France, and I thought Somerset needed a slice of the fun, but with its own homebrew!

  1. Which do you love more: running or cider?

This is actually tricky! I feel better after running which makes me want to do it again, but I’m pretty sure I prefer cider most days of the week.

  1. Are you a keen runner? Have you participated in any other crazy fitness events?

I finished the French wine marathon last September which is 100% worth doing. I did a 70.3 Ironman a few summers ago and I’m finally training up for the whole thing this summer.

  1. Will you get a chance to run?

I wish I could run it!!! But on the day, I will be the director of all apples and the fun police.

  1. Why did you choose Taunton as the new location?

It’s in the heart of the west country with so many great ciders being produced on its doorstep. It also has an awesome running community.

  1. What do you think the vibe will be like on the day?

Cidery with a slight festival vibe, focussed on fitness with a twist. Run and Reward is the motto.

  1. Do you have any other events in the pipeline?

Good question. I’m not sure. Some thought has been given into entering the land of Guinness at some point!

Ciderthon runners at a cider pit stop
Fancy dress is a must!
And as we love the fun side of Ciderthon, here are some quick-fire fun questions!

3 words to describe Ciderthon?

Run and Reward (cheating sorry)

3 tips for getting the most out of the day?

Take it at your own pace, enjoy the views, the flavours and the outfits around you.

3 tips for training for the event?

Run to all your favourite pubs and treat yourself when you get there. Or on a serious note do 1 long run and 1 short run every week, increase your mileage bit by bit and never start off too fast!

3 favourite ciders?

Bumblebee gribble, Sheppy’s 200 special edition, and Crafty Nectar no.8 vintage rhubarb (I’m mostly a sweet cider person). Sheppy’s do a banging low alcohol cider too!

Ciderthon Giveaway!

So, if the sound of Ciderthon has wet your appetite & you fancy joining some fellow cider & runner lovers on May Bank Holiday weekend. Country Bumpkin Chic is giving away 2 tickets… to 2 lucky people.

Head over to the Country Bumpkin Chic Facebook page for one chance & enter again over on my Instagram page @becky_wren

All you have to do is:

  • Follow the page
  • Like the post
  • And tag yourself or a friend who you think would be up for the challenge

Closing date is midnight on Monday 1st April.

Ciderthon runners in fancy dress grabbing a cider
Cider & running? Sounds like a match made in heaven!

To find out more on Ciderthon or sign up for a place head to the website www.ciderthon.com or visit their Facebook page here.

And if you’re unable to attend the event, follow the hashtag on the day #runmilesdrinkcider for all the latest news.


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