5 Event Riders You Should Be Following on Instagram…plus my fave 5 from Dorset

Who else loves Instagram stories? Or perhaps I should I ask who doesn’t love Instagram stories?

I do wonder what on earth we did before Instagram & the introduction of stories? I know I spend an average of nearly an hour and a half a day on the pesky addictive app, thanks to the new ‘your activity’ feature.

Over the last year, more equestrian Instagrammers have popped up & are fully embracing stories – sharing behind the scenes from their yards, training horses & competition life at horse trials up & down the country & across the waters. Which I find absolutely fascinating, especially the competition side, as it makes you feel like you’re there at the event instead of being inside at work.

Here are some of my fave equestrian Instagrammers from the world of eventing & I can’t wait to follow their British Eventing season in 2019.


Tina Wallace is from Cornwall & documents her eventing highs & lows on the beautiful Banksy, & often features her friend Emma from @emd_eventing94 Their post-event vlogs are hilarious, especially the one after Bovington & the seagull incident.


Becci Harrold is an amateur event rider from Derbyshire who competes two lovely Shannondale horses, Annie & Goldie. Her Insta stories with her northern tone are very entertaining & relatable.

She’s also the owner & founder of Super X Country @superxcountry, so if you see someone with some funky XC colours, they’ve probably Becci’s! 


Tamsin Drew is an amateur eventer & co-founder of the popular Facebook group #TwitterEventing. I love following her & her gorgeous horse Ziggy from training at home to competing, as well as product reviews – a right equestrian feast. Plus, she’s a fan of Reformer Pilates!


Harriet Upton is an International event rider based in West Sussex & has a team of lovely horses including Twinkle who’s owned by the Queen.

Harriet not only shares stories about her horses but her fitness regime with @georgebranford & from looking at recent stories, something exciting looks like it’s about to launch in the world of Fitness for Riders – so definitely one to follow.


Ben Hobday – if you’re not following this international eventer, what have you been doing? Pure entertainment, sometimes I’m not sure if Ben’s training for eventing or for a reality TV show! Now that would make good entertainment – right?

Dorset Event Riders on Instagram

And here’s some love for a few of my fave event riders on Instagram in Dorset:


Joe shares gorgeous photos of his eventers doing their thing across the south-west: Dusty, Fred, Auriella & JP.


Jess is based at the same yard as Joe Roome, along with her fab 4* event rider mum Jo. Jess is definitely a young rider to keep an eye on in 2019.


Rosie is based over in West Dorset with her lovely string of eventers who loves her hunting too. & she’s often in the style stakes-winning the HiHo Silver best-dressed female at Blair this autumn.


Rachael & her chestnut Johnny live just up the road from us near Beaminster, & are often at the same events as us, so it’s great to see a friendly face.


Alexa is another fellow Dorset event rider, who’s made a remarkable recovery from a spectacular XC fall in the summer of 2018 & never stops smiling. We can’t wait to see you out competing again soon & your sister Kitty too!

Who’s your fave event riders or equestrian talent to follow on Instagram? Drop their Instagram handles in the comment box below.


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