Part 2: HiHo Style, Skills & Silver with Melanie from Mackenzie & George

Tonight we go behind the scenes of the HiHo Silver Style, Skills & Silver event with British accessories owner Melanie Clarihew from Mackenzie & George, who will be hosting one of the Style sessions.

Hey Melanie, thanks for finding time between preparations for a busy
Burghley Horse Trials to get involved in the 3 part series of interviews on HiHo Silver’s inaugural Style, Skills
& Silver event.

So, what can attendees expect from the Style session you’re hosting at
the event?

alongside blogging and country style superstars Harriet Lily & Karen
McConnell, we’re going to be doing an interactive workshop talking about using
accessories to transform and finish an outfit, and taking a look from the yard
to an evening out. 

But we
won’t just be talking at you, you’ll be getting your hands on some of the top
equestrian brands to create your own looks, and then we’re hosting a Q&A
panel with the three of us at the end. I expect there to be lots of
giggles, fun ideas and drool worthy looks!

What are you most looking forward to about the day?

everyone! It’s such a special little community in the equestrian and
countryside world, and it can be so powerful when we all work together. Not
only as a brand speaking to my customers or potential customers, but as a
business who wants to connect and create relationships with others in the same
field (quite often literally!).

What will you be wearing on the day?

Oh god! I
have changed my mind about 6 times already. I’m not your typical country girl
style wise, it’s just never been what I feel good in.  

So far
I’ve found a really nice, comfortable shirt that had a bit of a flair to it.
I’ll likely pair this with some high-waisted trousers and ankle boots or block
heels. Silver, belts, potentially a feather and maybe a scarf will also be

Any top fashion advice on what people should wear to the event? I can’t
believe autumn is round the corner?

you’re comfortable in!

nothing worse than spending the day tugging at a hem line, or not being able to
breathe or walk properly! We’re pretty far from a judgemental lot, so be
comfortable as you’ll feel so much more confident! Being September we’ve got no
idea on the weather, so ankle boots and a couple of layers always work well
this time of year too. 

And of
course, I’d recommend a belt too… I know where you can get some fab
ones from!

Mackenzie & George Belts

And whose style from the rest of the HiHo SSS event gang do you admire?

Are you
trying to get me in trouble?!! Obviously all the team have their own thing
going on, but our 3 bloggers are the ones we all turn to for advice! I love how
Sophie styles country classics, and looks stunning in florals too which is
something I’m never brave enough to wear. Harriet has the most enviable
shoe collection of us all I think, and picks real quality pieces that work so
well. I love the palette that Karen works with and the way she ties
together high street and high end. They are a very stylish bunch, but what I
love is its always achievable style.

Sophie Callahan

Harriet Edwards

Karen McConnell

Thanks Melanie for taking part in the CBC
interview & I look forward to seeing you in the Cotswolds in a few days.

Coming up next on Country Bumpkin Chic, an interview
with the lovely Emma Warren – MD at HiHo Silver & brains behind the Skills,
Style & Silver event.

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HiHo Silver @hihosilveruk 

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Rhea Freeman – PR and Marketing @rheafreemanpr 

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Sophie Callahan – Equine Photographer @sophiecallahan 

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Ruth Chappell – Owner of Dressage Anywhere @dressage_anywhere

Note: photos taken from instagram pages.


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