What to take SUPing?

The most popular question I’ve been asked this year…what do I take SUPing or what board would you recommend?

So, here’s my top 5 essentials for getting on the water.

1. A SUP!

Your SUP board, of course, is essential if you want to go for a paddle on the water. You might be fortunate to own your own either inflatable or hardboard. Or you might be heading somewhere you can hire one.

Fanatic Fly SUP
Fanatic Fly SUP

I bought my Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10’8” for £475 from the lovely Lucy at SUPFit at the end of her season teaching back in 2016. Brand new it would retail about £840. I would recommend an inflatable as it’s easy to transport & store if you don’t have loads of room at home. They’re also super quick to inflate – I can pump mine up in about 5 minutes.

Other brands I’d recommend checking out: Red Paddle, Naish, Starboard & O’Shea.

There are a variety of boards and prices out there – I guess you need to think how long do you want to keep your SUP for?

2. Waterproof Bum Bag

To keep your car keys, sun cream & money for a drink if you SUP to a local pub or even your lippie as you never know who you might meet!

Waterproof bum bag
Waterproof bum bag

£8.95 on Ocean Earth Watersports

3. Waterproof mobile phone case

If you want to make your friends envious by taking lots of photos of you SUPing on the water, then a waterproof mobile phone case is pretty handy & can hang from your neck.

Waterproof phone case
Waterproof phone case

Mine was a gift from Yosh & only cost £5.89.

4. Surf Leggings

In the winter I wear a wetsuit, booties & gloves, & in the summer I’d wear a bikini & sports clothing.

One of my fave things to wear are surf leggings & I love my 1mm pair from Roxy I picked up a few years ago.

Roxy leggings
Roxy leggings

If you google Roxy surf leggings a variety will pop up.

5. Can of something cheeky

When I was last on the water, my friend & I decided the only thing missing was a G&T or one of those M&S cocktails in a can to make the moment even more perfect or a small can of cider is the perfect way to end a SUP.

Cheeky can of cider
Cheeky can of cider


So, what are your essentials for going out on the SUP? Anything you can’t live without? Would love to hear what you think.


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