Fuerteventura – Beaches

There’s something quite mesmerising about the sea, I find that it’s not until that beauty is taken away & I’m land locked again that I fully appreciate my time spent by the sea. & that feeling is no different to the hypnotic turquoise sea & white sandy beaches in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is blessed with over 150 beaches & there’s probably even more that don’t make it to the official map as they might be a little harder to get reach.

Here’s some of my favourites captured on my Olympus Pen & trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
Glass Beach
A 10 minute drive out of Corralejo along the dunes & you’re greeted by the most turquoise of seas I’ve seen for a long time. & there are even little waves which are perfect for beginners like me or Sup’ers.

Flag Beach
A 5 minute drive or 20-30 minute walk from Corralejo & across the dunes you’ll discover Flag Beach, a long white sandy beach. & because of its location is usually perfect for kite / wind surfers.

Caleta (Creek) de Maria Diaz

About 20-30 minutes along the north track, half way between Majanicho & El Cotillo you’ll discover Caleta de Maria Diaz which is actually a creek & not a beach (playa). A reef based break made for a sunny afternoon catching a few waves on my foam board.

Isla de Lobos

No trip to Fuerteventura is complete without visiting Lobos, which I bigged up on my blog last year here. I’m not sure if it was the time of year, but the sea just looked so much more turquoise, it almost felt like we were in the Caribbean.

The line up…

Ripping it up

Playa Jarugo

On our first day exploring Fuerteventura we headed to Tindaya Mountain & followed the rough track down to the sea, & after a bit of exploring discovered Playa Jarugo. There was one lone surfer trying his upmost to catch a wave with not much success. A quiet beach with a few camper vans rocking up for lunch, is definitely worth a visit if you fancy going off the beaten track.

Playa de Ajuy

A black sandy beach located near Ajuy a remote little fishing village to the west of the island. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but definitely worth visiting for the views & to see the Ajuy sea caves.

Trying to get arty with the Olympus Pen

Inside the Ajuy Caves

Ajuy Caves


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