The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

Love him or hate him, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach is
everywhere at the moment. From promoting his 3 Lean in 15 books, DVD, TV show, quick
recipe videos through to his HIIT sessions.

I’ve got bit of a soft spot for the floppy haired Londoner &
thought I’d share some of his easy recipes I’ve made from the second book in
the series Lean In 15 – The Shape Plan.

Photo credit – The Body Coach

Terry the Tuna with
Melon & Feta

I’ve tried this recipe a few times & is one of my faves
because it’s pretty straight forward & only requires a few ingredients:
tuna, melon, feta & spinach – I don’t bother with all the nuts/seeds.
Plus, it’s healthy & super fresh tasting that you know is good for you.

Roast Spiced Cauliflower
with Salmon

I love eating salmon & always on the look out for new recipes. This is
a reduced carb recipe with lots of veg – cauliflower, carrot, tomato &
cucumber. The cucumber yoghurt sauce was a bit random, but actually came out
better than I thought. I did seem to cook far more than I needed even though I
halved the measurements for 1 serving – you could probably make enough for
lunch the next day.

Anyone else got any recipes they’ve tried from the Lean in 15 series which they think is worth trying? Please feel free to share!

If you head to Tesco right now, they’ve got a sale on the Lean in 15 books for just £8 when they normally retail at 314.99 / £16.99 

Facebook Live – HIIT Sessions

 Photo credit – The Body Coach

Photo Credit – The Body Coach

During January every Monday, Wednesday & Friday Joe is
doing a 30 minute HIIT session which you can join him at 6.30am live via
Facebook Live – which I just love. I’ve done two live & one session on playback in
the evening. There’s about 5 exercises which you carry out for 30 secs, rest
for about 20 secs & then repeat 4 times. Doing the session along with Joe
is definitely more motivational than just following some exercises you’ve nabbed off
Pinterest. I also like the fact that he struggles too, which makes him seem
pretty normal. I’m away with work this week, so will be having a go in my hotel


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