10 on the Trot

Hands up if you have the back to work blues today? At least
we’re all in it together.

Somehow I managed to have 11 days off over the festive
period which was utter bliss. The last time I had that amount of time off was when
I went to Oz for 3 weeks – note to self to book a long haul trip next year.

A muddy Christmas Day ride through Bradford Peverell

I think Jonty’s saying ‘where’s my present mum?’

Rather than just eating lots of mince pies & yule log
(which I did do too), I made the most of getting out & about on jolly Jonty for
10 days on the trot – quite literally. & it’s been fab!

The weather hasn’t been too bad either, a mix of Jack Frost,
torrential rain, thick fog where you can’t see more than 10 metres in front of
you & blazing sunshine where you only needed to ride out in a waistcoat. Most
of all it was good to have the consistency of being able to ride daily,
re-connect with Jonty, start thinking about the year ahead & feel positive about
riding & competing again. As well as blowing away the Christmas cobwebs
& getting out in the beautiful Dorset countryside.

2 weeks ago we had a lesson with Dorset Eventer Jo Rimmer at a SWDG show
jumping clinic. Turned out there was just the 2 of us in the group, ideal when
you have a semi fit horse & rider. And allows you to take breathers between
jumps & learn from the other rider.

From the start Jo was on it with some of my bad habits &
was really positive towards Jonty & I – which was very refreshing. He didn’t
do too bad either seeing as the last time he show jumped was Bricky Horse
Trials in September – nearly 3 months ago. Jonty was pretty jolly & excited
to be back out jumping, but once he calmed down & started listening he didn’t
put a foot wrong & we actually enjoyed it.

Here’s a few other cheeky ‘between the ears’ snaps of Jonty from our
rides over the festive period. Excuse the mud, but it would take longer to
remove the mud then actually go for a ride!

A lovely sunny ride over Charminster Downs & down to Ash Hill & Bradford Peverell. 

Can you spot the buzzard in the distance?

New Barn Field Centre somewhere out there…

The final ride of the festive season & off to Muckleford to do some hill work.


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