It’s been a while…

Hey Country Bumpkins!

Yep, it has been a while since I last blogged back in
August, almost 4 whole months.*Hangs head in shame.

Have no fear folks, my blogging hiatus is over! I’m leaving all
my measly writing excuses along with the rest of the crap that went down in
2016, I’m swallowing a whopping great big positive mental attitude pill &
getting ready to crack on with 2017 as well as bottle of Heston’s mulled cider.

In a nutshell, as I don’t want to be all doom & gloom
this Christmas, but the last 4 months have been a bit of a roller coaster to
say the least. Starting off with Dan & I breaking up for a few months over
the summer, we’re now back together – phew, so look out for more adventure
posts to follow including tales of SUPing & surfing. Barley my gorgeous
chestnut Irish boy had a benign tumour cut out of his foot in August & has
been on box rest ever since as it’s taken a very long time to grow over. Jonty
went on a jumping hiatus during the autumn, however, on Monday we had an
amazing jump lesson with eventer Jo Rimmer which left me buzzing & wanting
to kick on for next year. And the worst bit of crap was my darling mum being
very poorly this autumn/winter. So, all those stresses that life threw at me
left me feeling pretty meh & I couldn’t find the heart to blog.

After a few people at work commented that they hadn’t seen
me blogging for a while, I decided that Country Bumpkin Chic needed to be
heading into 2017 with a new look & feel. It was also another good excuse that
if I had a brand spanking new look I’d get my blogging thang back. So, I got
back in touch with Serena Ozgowicz from Pretty Wild Things, who originally created
a festival vibe blogger template back in the summer of 2014 – which was perfect
for when I was gallivanting around interviewing the likes of Seth Lakeman, Newton Faulkner & Andy Jordan, you know – the fit one who used to be Made in Chelsea.

My new look is stripped back with a clean & simple vibe.
I’m not afraid to use black & white, which I know my designer friends gave
me the thumbs up for. I’m still being true to Country Bumpkin Chic & the
swallow from the previous template has flown over to the new one, & had a
re-vamp making him look pretty darn country chic. I’ve also added a carousel for
images at the top, so you can easily see recent posts. As well as adding in
some topic headers for the key areas I will be writing about – Food, Travel,
Fitness, Dorset & Interviews.

Anyhow… I’d love to know what you think of the new look
& I promise to blog more this festive period & next year. Watch this
space for more tales from Country Bumpkin Chic.

Have a fabulous Christmas with family & loved ones. 

My little Xmas tree…


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