Zumba with Olivia Jones


There’s no better way to start a wet and miserable Monday
than with the ultimate dance-fitness party. That’s what I discovered this week
when I got invited along to one of Oliva Jones’ Zumba classes in Dorchester.

So, what is Zumba?

It’s a dance based class created by Colombian dancer and
choreographer Alberto Perez in the 90s. It involves a mix of dance and aerobic
elements including hip hop, salsa, samba, merangue and mambo as well as fitness
style squats and lunges. Did you know that over 15 million people a week across
180 countries take part in Zumba!

What’s the Zumba vibe?

The music has a real carnival vibe. Think Black Eyed Peas,
Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk mixed with the Latin side of Strictly Come Dancing and
you’re pretty much there. It’s a fun and energetic way to exercise without
feeling like you’re working out, because you have a group of 30+ people or
laughing and whooping their way along to the music and following Olivia’s
instructions. It’s easy to see why Zumba is still popular.

Who can attend?

Anyone! Zumba is wide appeal and Olivia’s classes attract
young and old – the biggest age range has been 16 to 80 years old! You could
have a full family generation attending. Predominantly the class is attended by
women. However, that night there was a man attending who could shimmy shoulder roll
better than any lady!

How fit do I need to be to attend?

Zumba is a great class to get you back into fitness. There
was a wide range of fitness levels and as Olivia explained it’s up to the individual
how much they want to push themselves. Before each dance section Olivia gave
alternatives to some of the more intense exercises and there were plenty of
water breaks.

Personally, I have a general fitness level and managed to
just about keep up with the moves and did in fact break into a sweat – which
hasn’t happened at some of the exercise classes I’ve attended around Dorchester
this year. Might have been something to do with the Trinity Club’s heating –
but I felt like I had a proper workout, without even trying too hard.

Do I need to be coordinated or good at dancing?

This was my main concern as I’ve only taken a Zumba class
twice and that was a number of years ago. I stood second row back behind the
lovely Linda a Zumba regular, who definitely knew her steps and made it easy to

Olivia stands on stage at the front and gives very clear
instructions making the class easy to follow. If you go wrong – it doesn’t
really matter, as long as you’re moving and having fun is what counts at Zumba.
And if you do turn the wrong way, instead of feeling mortified like in most gym
class sessions, you just laugh it off.

What are the benefits of Zumba?

Apart from banishing the Monday blues, it’s a great form of
aerobic exercise that gets every part of your body moving. There’s a real feel
good factor to Zumba which is aided by the upbeat music and the community vibe of
the other attendees. An average person can burn between 600-1000 calories.

3 words to describe Olivia’s Zumba classes?

Fun, energetic and social.

Perfect for beating the Monday blues and putting you in the
right frame of mind for the week ahead.

Where are Olivia’s classes & how much?

The lovely Olivia

To join the ultimate dance-fitness party with Olivia you can
find her in the following places across Dorchester.

Zumba classes  in Dorchester

Classes are £4 and if you take part in the loyalty scheme,
after 10 sessions you’ll get your 11th one free!

Contact Olivia 07710983322 or follow Sister Fitness UK on

Olivia & her sister Vicky have a range of in Dorchester & Weymouth under Sister Fitness

Upcoming Zumba parties….

Coming soon – the local fitness instructors around
Dorchester are getting together for a fundraising event for Lions on 30th
April. Follow Sister Fitness UK for more info.

Party for Kili – one of the Zumba ladies is holding a fundraising party for her Mt Kilimanjaro climb on Friday 27th May. Check out the details below.


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