Introducing Jaralicious…

On Country Bumpkin Chic we
love hearing from local West Country businesses especially new start-ups. I was
even more delighted when my friend Fi excitedly told me over dinner about her
plans for launching Jaralicious this festive period and was more than happy to
taste test her goods and interview her for the blog.

Fi (right) & I
celebrating at her brother Tom’s wedding in the US.

Jaralicious founder Fi
Thatcher is a 31 year old bubbly and vivacious West Country girl from Salisbury. When she’s not taking part in the local Salisbury parkrun or planning her next ski trip you’ll find her busy baking
and trying out new recipes for Jaralicious.

Fi tell us about Jaralicious…

It’s basically baking made
easy. A jar with all the ingredients needed for baking cakes. All you need to
add is butter, eggs and milk and follow the simple instructions.

The idea originated from a Christmas
holiday, when my brother and his wife gave me a glass jar with a cake mix and I
thought that’s such a cute idea. Last year I was struggling for Christmas gift
ideas and decided to try out the cake mix in a jar and it went down a treat and
Jaralicious was born.

Who’s Jaralicious aimed at?

Anyone who likes baking! It’s
suitable for all ages and baking abilities. I have a few mummy friends who have
said how much fun their kids enjoyed baking with Jaralicious and saved them a
trip to the supermarket.

What’s the Jaralicious

Chocolate Brownie (1
litre jar – makes about 16 slices) Everyone’s favourite. Includes, milk, white
choc chips and walnuts. For those with nut allergies we can swap the walnuts
for extra choc chips. All three mixed together go down a right treat.

Gingerbread Biscuits (1/2 litre jar – makes about 24) Delicious crunchy biscuits that go
down well with a cuppa or two. I use crystallised ginger to give the biscuits
an extra kick of ginger.

Christmas Muffins (1
litre jar – makes about 12) – cinnamon and mixed spice flavours – a taste of
Christmas in a muffin. Again we use walnuts/pecans but can replace them with
fruit or raisin.

Triple Chocolate Muffins (1/2 or 1 litre jar – makes 6 or 12 muffins) For those who love
chocolate, you’re in for a real treat! Contains 3 layers of choc chips. Nuts
can be added as a replacement for one of the choc chip layers.

*** Country Bumpkin Chic road
tested the Triple Choc Muffins – look out for the next blog post on how we got

Other recipes include:
Oatylicious Cookies for those looking for something a bit healthier or Chocolate
Chip Cookies for the chocolate lovers.

What’s your favourite

Ooh that’s a tough one. It’s
got to be the Chocolate Brownie mix, especially if it’s still warm as it’s
gooey in the middle.

Who do you practice your
recipes on?

Anyone who wants to try
them. I’ve taken samples to work, given them to my mum for her work place and
haven’t had any complaints yet!

How can people buy Jaralicious?

Online through my Facebook
page ‘Jaralicious’ or email Fi at

1 large Jaralicious = £9.99
or 2 for £18.50

2 small Jaralicious’ = £6.99
or 2 for £12.50

1 small & 1 large
Jaralicious= £15.50

Will you be attending any
Christmas Events?

Yes, I’m attending a couple
of Christmas Fairs – the first one is at the Goldolphin School this Saturday 28th
November, then onto The Stones Hotel Christmas Fair on Sunday 29thNovember and Durrington Junior School – Friday 4th

What’s the future for

At the moment its a little
side line business, however, I’d love to be able to open a little cake shop and
expand my baking business.

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