Surviving Reading & Leeds Festival

As a blogger with a number of years blogging under my belt, I’m often sent some rather interesting PR material to feature on
my blog. And until today, I’ve not featured any material that’s landed in my Hotmail in box – until this funky
little infographic dropped down from Smart Buy Glasses about how to survive Reading
& Leeds Festival.

It resonated with me on a number of levels. In my day job I oversee
a creative bunch of graphic designers and I’ve learnt to appreciate an
infographic or two. And secondly the last time I went to Reading festival was
in 2011, which brings back some good memories.

Check out the infographic below. Number 6 made me chuckle. You definitely see a lot of drunken twats at Reading festival.

And here are some of my top tips for surviving Reading & Leeds in photos from 2011 when I went on a day ticket with my best friend Rachel who was about 4-5 months pregnant with her first child Jack and her friend Sarah.

1. Remember your ticket!

It’s a long way home otherwise.

 2. Boys remember your check shirt!

3. Girls remember your Hunter wellies, waterproof jacket, over the shoulder bags, dress & funky print tights, oh and a straw hat even if it is raining?!

 4. Invest in a picnic chair, they’re about a tenner at Reading or bring your own from home. It will save your legs and having to sit in the mud.

Oh and smile for obligatory ‘there is sunshine’ festival photo!

5. Celeb spot.

Oh hey Fearne & Reggie Yates – give us a wave!

6. Get a good view of the main stage.

And remember if you’re lucky enough for a mate to lift you up on their shoulders – don’t flash your boobs for the whole festival to see!!

7. Keep cosy until the bitter end.

 8. Capture those beaut festival sunsets – one for Instagram!

Anyone else got any top tips for Reading & Leeds festival? And which lucky monkey’s are off to mosh to Metallica and swoon to Mumford & Sons? Have fun and go make memories.

This post is a PR collaboration with Smart Buy Glasses


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  1. Anna International
    August 26, 2015 / 3:22 pm

    Ha! I have just been trying to decide whether to get a day ticket for Leeds on Sunday to go see Metallica! I think that we won't (lots of other expenses right now) but this has made me really want to. And look at Rach, preggers! So long ago now, Jack is already so grown up! Can't believe she did a festival while pregnant, so impressive. xx

  2. Becky Wren
    August 26, 2015 / 7:56 pm

    Hey Anna. You should do it!! I've been to Reading twice on a day ticket & loved both times. It's a festival all about the music. This is the last festival I've been too with Rach, I think we were celebrating our 30ths and the end/start of a new chapter! No moshing took place though! xx

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