Happy National Dog Day!

If you haven’t been on social media today, then it might have totally gone over your head that today was National Dog Day. A day dedicated to celebrating our beloved four legged friends. Although every day is a special doggy day, and in my parents house there is one young man seeking lots of attention – Alfie!

Last November, we sadly said goodbye to Gilly a 16 year old Jack Russell who we’d taken care of after my nan passed away 7 years ago. We never thought she’d live to that great old age, but after coming to live with us in the countryside, she had a new lease of life and came to all our horsey parties. Everyone loved her, even my non-animal loving dad did.

It left a great hole in the family when she went and took some time before we decided we were ready for another 4-legged friend. My mum had seen a breed of dog which our landlady at the local pub owned along with a few people in the village – Sporting Lucas Terrier.

After some enquiries we put word out that we were on the look out for a pup. It took a while, but eventually there were 2 little boy pups born in a nearby village by the main breeder in the area. To start with we were sent a photo and then when the pups were about a month old we paid them a little visit and fell in love straight away with Paddy – now known as Alfie Wren! The rest is history, and now we have a 4 1/2 month old cheeky pup.

Here’s Alfie’s cutest pics. Warning: you’re going to fall in love with that cute face, but don’t be fooled he loves shoes and ankles!!

1. 4 weeks old. Alfie (formerly Paddy) on the left & his brother Linus on the right. Awww.

2. 6 weeks old. Cuddles with his mummy Anne ‘The boss lady’

3. 6 weeks old. Linus (left) & Alfie (right) – their personalities are starting to come out.

 4. 8 weeks old. First day in his new home.

5. 8 weeks old. Little Alfie in his new play area.

6. Alfie’s first horse show with Barley.

7. About 10 weeks old. Alfie and his new best friend, the Mollie & Fred doggy door stop!

 8. Playing hide & seek! We can still see  you Alfie!

 9. 3 months old. This is how Alfie greets me on a daily basis. Its always good to feel appreciated.

10. Oh, hey there Alfie!

11. Yes, I know you’re there trying to get my attention during dinner look.

 12. 4 months old. Puppy party was all too much for Alfie.

 13. 4 1/2 months old. Alfie the carrot thief!

14. My shadow thought he’d help keep me company with the tack cleaning & brought his door stop along too?!

15. 2 minutes in the door and he’ll have your shoes. But how can you get cross with a face like that?!

And that is Alfie the puppy. A real cutie with lots of personality. We shouldn’t celebrate National Dog Day just on one day, but every day. Dogs are truly amazing. I’ve known such a small bundle of white/grey/dirty fluff to give so much joy and happiness. He will definitely be going to puppy class soon before he starts ruling the roost!

Have you got any cute pics of your dogs of puppies? I would love to see them.


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