Easy as Eggy Bread…

Feeling inspired by my photographer friend Lara Jane Thorpe’s yummy Instagram snap of eggy bread and a cuppa Dorset Tea, I decided to give it a whirl. How hard can it be?

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I googled ‘how to make eggy bread’ and chose the Net Mums recipe. Well if it’s good enough for toddlers!

Here’s a link to the recipe – www.netmums.com/recipes/eggy-bread and below are the quick and easy steps.

* 1 egg per slice of bread – 1 decided to use 2 eggs & 2 slices of Burgen soya & linseed bread
* Olive oil
* Honey syrup for serving or what ever condiment you fancy

Ingredients that everyone has in their house

1. Crack the eggs in a bowl & beat.
2. Heat a couple drops of oil in a frying pan.
3. Whilst the oil is warming up, dip the bread in the bowl coating both sides with egg.
4. Pop one of the soaked breads in the pan and cook each side for about 1 minute – repeat with the other slice & pour any egg remains over the bread.
5. Serve eggy bread with your favourite condiment. I tried Rowse acacia honey for some added sweetness.

 1. Crack & beat those eggs

 3. Dip the bread in the egg

4. Pop in the pan!

 4. Cook each side for 1-2 minutes

And voila eggy bread!

I’m sure you can make it more exciting by adding peppers or tomatoes, but I liked mine plain and simple and it took about 10 minutes from start to washing up!!


Do you have any good eggy bread recipes or tips?


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