Book Review: Saving Grace by Jane Green

I started Saving Grace back in June on my summer holiday in
Greece as my second sun lounging book, but like most people I returned to the
daily hum drum and the book sat on my bedside table collecting dust for weeks.
Until I decided I was going to put down my iPhone, stop re-freshing the
Facebook newsfeed, turn off the TV and start reading again. I forgotten how much
I love reading, to have a few minutes of me time and switch off from everyday
life escaping into someone else’s world is pretty blissful.

The world I escaped into was Grace Chapman an English woman
in America married to well-known writer Ted Chapman. It starts with Ted needing
a new assistant and in walks Beth who is not what everyone seems. She’s far too
perfect and things start falling apart for Grace. The story takes her back to
England to escape to Dorset with her old university friend’s mother Lydia and
stay in Sherborne. For those who know me, I went to school just outside
Sherborne at Leweston, so the references to Sherborne feel like home. Anyhow,
Grace heads back to the US to sort things out with Ted and get to the bottom of
Beth’s behaviour. Where she ends up… well, I’ll let you read the book to find
out what happens.

Not only is Saving Grace a laid back chick lit read, most
chapters have a recipe to the food that Grace whips up in the book and skimming
through them, they all seem pretty straightforward to bake/cook.

Anyone else read Saving Grace or any other books by Jane
Green? What did you think?

I’ve just ordered my next batch of books courtesy of my
Tesco Boost points and look forward to receiving: Lindsey Kelk’s – Always the
Bridesmaid, Sophie Kinsella’s – Shopaholic to the Stars and Caitlin Moran’s –
How to Build a Girl. Plus I bought one of Mary Berry’s books. Anyone read any
of these? What did you think?


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