Spotlight Sunday – Sani Resort Interior Design Lusts

As many of my Country Bumpkin Chic readers will know, last month I spent
an amazing chilled out week at the fabulous Sani Resort, in Halkidiki, Greece.

As an avid iPhone snapper of anything and everything from
yummy cocktails to the perfect sunset I was drawn to snapping interior design
pieces around the resort that caught my attention.

The Sani Beach Hotel & Grill by the Pool Bar both had a Scandinavian feel
to their décor, on the verge of ostentatious in places.

Here are some of my fave pieces. As you can tell I had a thing for the
mirrors!! Perfect Instagram fodder! 

Grill by the Pool Bar & Restaurant…

 Striking mirror – want!

 Symmetry bliss.

 Huge vase!

 Candle holder – very alfresco.

Everybody loves a cute toilet sign.

Sani Beach Hotel…

 & another huge mirror.

Crystal-esque light pendants – just because.

Elvis & Marilyn toilet signs – pretty cool eh? 

 Decorative books – no classics here though!

It’s all in the detail.

 Totally in love with this mirror and drawers.

 Photo bombed by my mother!

One for Instagram maybe?

What do you think? The mirrors are fab aren’t they? Wish I could have some of these pieces in my house, but don’t think they’ll fit!


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