Jumping on the 2014 Bandwagon…

I’m sure you’ve all read a hundred Facebook, Twitter &
Instagram updates with people reminiscing on how god dam amazing 2014 was, or
not. Hats off to those honest people who are keeping it real.

Anyhow’s, as an amateur blogger it wouldn’t quite be New
Year’s Eve if I didn’t jump on the blogging bandwagon brigade and post some
poignant words before the year is over and the last of the champers has been
drunk. So here it goes, I’ll make it quick, as I’m sure most of you are a little
bit squiffy on cocktails or Sudafed if your suffering from that dreaded 2014
lurgy. That is one thing I won’t be glad to see that back of!

End of an Era…

The beginning of 2014 made for an interesting start to the year with the ending of my 11 years at the Look of New! As one friend put it, it was my longest relationship to date!

Sadly, after dodging a fair few bullets over the years, it was my time as I wasn’t prepared to move my life to the big smoke for the corporate circus that it had become.

On the plus side, I have a tonne of good memories, visited cities and countries that I wouldn’t get the chance to in normal life. Attended some of the best parties in fashion, heard some of the juiciest gossip that could fill a whole book and made some amazing long term friends who will always be there.

The last New Look selfie…

My desk buddy of 8 years and favourite graphic designer Toby! 

My favourite Welsh lady, marketer extraordinaire, fellow UWE girl and cracking lass Shiv!

The next chapter… 

I’m not sure I would have predicted this, but I ended up swapping shoes for screws and started at another retail giant DIY/Trade leaders Screwfix in Yeovil. I’m now the Marketing Manager for Creative and have a fabulous team who make the working day whizz by with hard work, copious amounts of tea and good banter. They even embrace Christmas leading to us winning the Christmas decoration competition with a Hawaiian theme. I think my competitiveness might have rubbed off on them already.

Mele Kalikimaka – Hawaiian for Merry Christmas!


Becoming a Godmummy…

2014 saw the arrival of a precious bundle of joy in the form of Evie Alice Heywood for my best friend Rachel and hubby Ian. I was delighted to be made a Godmummy, and look forward to introducing her to lots of firsts from festivals, riding, and no doubt many other sporting activities. She even had her own shout out on Ridgeway Hospital Radio when I was doing a bit of Radio presenting at Dorchester hospital.

Evie Alice Heywood – 12.03.2014 – cute as a button

Evie’s first Race for Life at Kingston Maurward

Evie and her older brother Jack embracing dressing up!

The Christening…

Goodbye Gilly Dog

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our Jack Russell x Terrier Gilly in November. She was originally my nan’s dog and my parents inherited her 7 years ago after my nan passed away. Little did they know that she’d become a big part of our life, coming with us to horse events and accompanying my dad on his site surveys. She had a great 16 years of life and it was a very sad day when we finally had to make the tough decision to say goodbye.

Gilly Dog..

The Boys…


It’s been a mixed year with the horses, due to other things happening they took a bit of a back seat. Barley had an op on 1st January to treat a ligament in his hock and took most of the year to rehabilitate, enjoy the grass and hacks. He competed at two horse trials at the end of the year and showed that he was pleased to be back and more than capable of stepping up to Novice next year.

Jonty has come into himself this year and has personality by the bucket. He was up for sale many a time in the spring, but after much debate we stuck with it, changed jump instructors and decided to try our hand at showing. And much to our surprise he’s pretty good at it and we scrub up well. The only thing that needs work on is his manners in the show ring.

Barley enjoying one of his many sunny rides.

Jonty scrubbing up well and standing in 2nd at Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show…only to then misbehave and asked to leave the ring!!



So, I found my running mojo again. Signed up to the Weymouth half marathon in March, set a new parkrun 5km record of 23 minutes 31 seconds and found a crazy running partner at work in the name of Laura Haigh. Who has started her own hilarious blog – www.helpmeimchubby.wordpress.com

Now I just need to keep training through the cold, wet and dark… I’m sure I’ll blog more about running and fitness in 2015. I’ve just discovered an amazing Aussie who is my new fit-inspiration Kayla Itsines and will be sharing some of her tips.

My running buddy Laura



When I first started Country Bumpkin Chic back in July 2010 I had no idea there would be a time that I’d be in a privileged place to interview some pretty cool people and musicians. This year, I managed to grow some balls and just ask the question and be inquisitive which led me to interview Seth Lakeman and Newton Faulkner at the inaugural Behind the Castle Festival in Sherborne and my Made in Chelsea heart throb Andy Jordan – which wasn’t awks at all!

The gorgeous Seth Lakeman

Funny guy Newton Faulkner

Hottie patottie Andy Jordan…


Au Revoir 2014…& Salut 2015…

Anyhow… the clock is ticking, my pizza is nearly ready, I need to get my glad rags on and start drinking some champers…I hope you all have a very merry NYE whatever you’re doing.

Cheers for supporting & following Country Bumpkin Chic through the highs and lows. 2014 turned out pretty okay in the end… here’s to 2015 and making more memories.


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