Eventer Turned Runner #1

At the weekend most people go shopping for shoes and dresses…
not me.

Normally, you’ll find me in the middle of a field jumping fences on my horses, but sadly the eventing season has finished for
another year, and both Barley and Jonty are having a bit of down time.

Instead of competing this weekend, I purchased a teddy bear onesie and a
space at next year’s Just Racing Weymouth Half Marathon on Sunday 15th March. The onesie is for a Children
in Need event at work and the half marathon space, well, I must have been
having a mad moment!

My fluffy bear onesie courtesy of New Look for manning the phones during Children in Need

A few girls I know were signing up and it started me
thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so hard especially if I started training
now, right? It’s the off season for eventing so will also help with my fitness. The race is on our doorstep around Weymouth and Portland, a great way to
get involved in a local event and have home support. Plus, it’s in between
Moreton and Aldon horse trials next year, so no excuse really!


Confirmation – there’s no going back now!

Those who know me, will probably think it’s a walk in the
park as I’m a sport billy – and it’s only a half marathon! For me taking
part in a long distance race is not just about the physical side, it’s more of a mental thing. Having the will power
to stick at a training programme whilst it’s wet and cold outside when
I’d rather be curled up on the sofa drinking hot chocolate, dunking biscuits
and watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Although, it might cure my addiction to the new ITVBe!

So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, donning my
trainers and I’m actually going to stick at it. Oh, and I’ve already got a finishing
time in mind! Have I mentioned I’m just a little bit competitive? Well, I am an
eventer at heart after all.

First trainer shot of many…

Over the next 4 and half months I’ll blog about my
progress throughout the winter, include some training tips, product reviews and
share my ups and downs along the way…

Watch this space for more Country Bumpkin Chic updates from
an eventer turned runner this winter.


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