Words can paint a thousand pictures…

Yes, I know the saying is usually the other way around ‘a
picture paints a thousand words’, however, in this instance words can really
paint a thousand pictures.

I recently rediscovered a poem which I remember having written out and pinned up whilst I was away at uni in Bristol. I often re-wrote it for friends popping it in a card or letter. Wow,
remember the days when we used to look forward to receiving snail mail?!

It’s a really lovely sentiment and the main message is ‘you get what you put in’. Which is very
true and can be associated with so many things in life,
from being successful in business or a job, to a sport or hobby, to even
friends, family and loved ones. Anyhow, perhaps I’m getting soppy in my old
age, but it would be rude not share this one with you. Enjoy x

The more you give, the more you get,

The more you laugh, the less you fret.

The more you do unselfishly,

The more you live abundantly.

The more of everything you share,

The more you’ll always have to spare.

The more you love, the more you’ll find

That life is good and friends are kind,

For only what we give away,

Enriches us from day to day.


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