Dorset Knob Throwing Festival – yes, it really is called that!

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon then wandering round the Dorset Knob Throwing and Frome Valley Food Festival.

Dorset Knob Throwing flyer

Yes, you heard me correctly, it’s a festival, in Dorset, with the word ‘knob’. Cue witty remarks and fits of giggles.

The festival has been running for nearly five years in the picturesque village of Cattistock, which is a traditional Church fete, cricket green style village in Dorset and is, well, proper lush.

Apparently, over 5,000 people attended today according to the BBC and Independent online, which is pretty darn good I say. Who could resist when it’s only £2.50 to enter to through some knobs. What is a knob I hear all my city folk friends thinking?

Well, they’re a unique hard biscuit made by the Moores family since 1880, and usually taste good with some butter or cheese.

Moores Dorset Knob Biscuits


There was lots to keep people entertained from knob throwing, and lots of other knob related games: knob eating, knob painting, knob and spoon race, guess the weight of the big knob – and it goes on!

Knob Throwing Lane

One of the Knob Crew!


There was  a variety of live music as well as lots of quaint food stalls selling everything from marshmellows, fudge, cakes, fruity curds and jams, ice-cream to organic meats and craft stands and not forgetting a mini bar serving another Dorset favourite – Piddle Beer

You can’t beat a bit of live music in the sunshine & cider!

I had a lovely chat with Katie who set up her business Utta Nutta less than a year ago and produces her own unique peanut butter in Wiltshire. I was admiring her very funky branding and mentioned I thought I’d spotted it before today, and turns out she was on the Loose Women panel the other week for a mum’s and business discussion. Which I found very inspirational.

A few purchases were made for my parent’s (aren’t I a thoughtful daughter), Piddle Beer for my Dad, and blueberry and lime curd for my Mum and banana curd for myself from The Mixing Bowl

Trio of Piddle for Dad

Trio of Fruity Curd for Mum & I


It was also a good chance for me to try out my new toy… cue giddy geekness, a Canon EOS 1200D DLSR which is rather lovely and take’s some fab pictures. I’m trying to wean myself from Instagramming everything in sight. Although, I still think that will take a while to do. So, watch this blog space for some creative snaps coming up.

My new toy!

(ok, I did take this one on my iPhone & the purchases)

To make sure you don’t miss out on any Dorset Knob news for 2015, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter @DorsetKnobThrow today. It’s definitely a fun festi for family and friends.

All the best

Becky x

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  1. Kara Guppy
    May 7, 2014 / 8:10 am

    We went and loved every minute of it….. I think the childish humour may have contributed to the enjoyment!

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