Take Me Out – ‘no likey, no lighty’

A few weeks ago I plucked up the courage to get involved in Weldmar Hospicecare Trust’s event ‘Take Me Out’ at the Weymouth Pavilion on Friday 21st March 2014. Based on the popular ITV show hosted by Paddy McGuiness minus the Essex-ness (apologies to all my Essex friends, love you really!). The best bit was that if you were picked, instead of going to the Isle of Fernando’s on your date you’d go to Nando’s in Dorchester – who could resist. Oh, and I might meet Mr Right as well as helping raise lots of money for charity.

I spread the word to a few of my ‘up for it’ single ladies and sold tickets to friends to come along for moral support, so there was no backing out. I even had a Gelish manicure, pedicure and Tan Truth spray tan with C and M Hair and Beauty at Charlton Down.

Dress rehearsal

Nervously I headed down to the Pav for a dress rehearsal ahead of the big night. Greeted by Weldmar’s event organiser and host for the night Matt Smith we practiced our walk on stage to the very apt Beyonce’s Single Ladies. We were then stowed away for an hour whilst the men/boys practiced and we got our glad rags on.

Left to right: Ani, Rachel, Annabel & me!

(I’m wearing a LBD from Miss Selfridge, teamed with New Look wedges)

Back stage was probably one of the highlights of the night: 20+ ladies, cans of G&T and bottles of wine popping out from handbags all over the place, clambering into the one toilet to do our hair and make-up, the room was filled with nervous banter.

Strike a pose – it’s show time!

7pm – show time… The Ocean Room was packed. The event was sold out, one things for sure Friday 21st March at the Weymouth Pavilion, was the place to be.

No going back..

And we were off, sashaying down the aisle to ‘Single ladies’, some swaying a little more than others due to a little bit too much vodka. Taking our places on stage, we waited nervously for Mr Right #1.Now, without going into too much detail or fear of offending anyone the 5 boys/men on offer were a mixed bunch. A couple of the boys were 22, one was an Ed Sheeran look-a-like but sadly didn’t have the vocals to match, another a PT who liked to wax his chest, one had appeared on the TV programme First Dates and another by the end seemed a little bit too merry for my liking, but he liked to ski.

The hour or so on stage seemed to go by in a blur.. host Matt would introduce the boys, have a chat on stage and then show us their videos including short films with his friends/family. It was during these activities we could turn our lights off or should I say ‘no likey, no lighty’. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was being interviewed by Matt and having to think quickly on my feet about what I might like about the guy or why I turned my light off. Thankfully, this came a bit too natural – and I came out with some right corkers – ‘loving your printed shirt’, ‘you’d definitely be a guy I’d take home to meet my mum’ – seriously?!

I got to keep my show card

So, 3 of the girls I knew ended up with dates. I think it was dinner at Nando’s that sold it. And for me, well I turned my light off 4/5 times, and was a little relieved that I didn’t get picked. So, I might not have met Mr Right on the night, but I did have a jolly good time and helped Weldmar raise an impressive £3,000 making the event a total success.

WeldmarHospicecare Trust is a fabulous charity based in Dorset providing high quality specialist palliative care services for people with cancer and similar life threatening diseases across the county. I’ve been fortunate enough to get involved in helping promote their fundraising events and raise awareness of what they do at my place of work. What makes them different to a lot of charities I’ve come across is their passion for the charity and for meeting the people that help support them. They have a real personal edge which is very refreshing in this day and age and are appreciative of no matter how much the amount is raised. Check out their website to find out what else is planned for 2014. I’m looking forward to taking part in the Midnight Walk on Saturday 19th July, the eve of my birthday.

All the best

Becky x

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