Nowley – time for change

A few people have recently complimented me on my new watch, so I thought it’s only fair I gave you the low down on my purchase from Spanish watch brand – Nowley.

I bought mine whilst holidaying in Gran Canaria back in January. I would window shop most evenings and day dream about which watch I’d treat myself to for all that sunbathing! For a mere 33 Euros – I was pretty stoked by my fashionable bargain.

In the end I choose the bright fuchsia one from the metallic range. They come in variety of fun, bright and cheerful colours: red, blue, green, orange, purple, as well as silver, gold, white and black.


What I love about my watch is that not only is it practical at telling the time – always handy, it has a real fashionable sport-luxe look. It’s even water resistant to 5 metres – what more could you want, not that I’m planning on going diving anytime soon.

I don’t where it all the time, I have an old metallic Roxy watch which I wear daily and for getting dirty with the horses. The Nowley one is more for special occasions or when I feel like injecting some colour into my day. Surprisingly the pop fuchsia colour goes with a lot of outfits and compliments a LBD.

Sadly, you can’t seem to buy Nowley watches in the UK – or good for me that it’s unique?! I’ve seen a few on eBay. So, when you’re next on holiday in Spain or one of the Spanish isles have a look out.

All the best

Becky x

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