Ryan Keen Review

Thursday 6th September, icci 360 Dome, Weymouth
Beginning of September was the second time I attended a Ryan Keen gig in about a month, and once again he didn’t disappoint. You always get a different perspective of an artist second time round; as you kind of know what to expect, but you also pick up on the little things that you didn’t notice first time round.
The dome is a funky little venue which was part of a Plymouth Uni project and has hosted lots of cultural events over the Olympic summer in Weymouth from comedy nights, films, to super star DJ Judge Jules.

Ryan Keen with a giant Jelly Fish in the background

Ryan’s set was about an hour playing songs from his current EP Aiming for the Sun and latest one Focus, featuring songs Focus, See me Now, In My Mind and Orelia he also played a fabulous acoustic version of Coldplay’s Fix You and finished off with a crowd pleaser the Killers All these things that I’ve done and interacting with the crowd in a 2 part harmony, which left the dome with a happy warm electric buzz feeling, wanting and knowing that this is most certainly not the last we’ve seen or heard of Ryan Keen.
He announced some exciting news about touring with Newton Faulkner as a guest artist on a duet together and hinted at a future song dueting with a very well known ginger singer – hmm I wonder who that could be? One thing’s for sure, he won’t be back playing in Weymouth again for a while.
To catch Ryan on his autumn tour head to www.ryankeen.co.uk
Gig rating: 4.5/5
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