Harvey and Rabbit

A few weeks ago at work we had presentation by creative agency Libertine London about branding.  What stuck with me was how adverts can play on either the emotional or rational side of our brain. And when I saw this new advert from Thinkbox ‘Harvey and Rabbit’ lots of emotions sprang to mind….have a watch…

Harvey the dog is used to convey emotional story-telling to change his owner’s behaviour and persuade him not to throw away his best friend and constant companion, a stuffed toy called Rabbit.  So what emotions spring to mind?  Well, for me it transported me back to when I was young and had a Miss Piggy toy and got very upset when it was lost, so much so my parents had to buy me a replacement. I can also relate to the cute dog Harvey as our Jack Russell Gilly has those big brown eyes that will make you do anything.  Random!

And what are they selling?  Nothing really, Thinkbox is a group which helps ensure good TV advertising amongst the big channels, so really its all about the art of good story telling and playing on peoples emotions.  Long live great TV ads!

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