Flirt Cafe Bar – Bournemouth

Last weekend I discovered Flirt Cafe Bar on The Triangle in Bournemouth.

It was a refreshing find to discover a cosmopolitan cafe in Dorset – hurrah, they do exist!

A chilled out atmosphere with a mix of folk from students, friends, families, gay couples to elderly couples and romantic couples. A real anything goes type of atmosphere. Backed up with a tantalising menu to suit all appetites, I went for hot choc with marshmallows and a choccie brownie which scored full brownie points. 

Flirt is open from 9am until 11pm everyday, which made me want to be a student in Bournemouth just to lounge around in the colourful Flirt Cafe on the comfy sofas / random reclining aeroplane sofas and connect up to the free wifi and just hang out with all the cool people.

To find out more follow Flirt on Twitter @FlirtCafeBar or Like ‘Flirt Cafe Bar’ on Facebook for all the latest news and events.

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