Freeze Festival

Nope, I’m not talking about some brrr cold festi in Iceland, although that would have been jolly nice – but the Relentless Freeze Festival at Battersea Power Station. What an epic weekend! If you’ve no idea what I’m babbling about check it out the website  and read my top moments from Freeze this year! 

Battersea Power Station – great back drop

Here are my Top 10 reasons why I loved Freeze:

1. Shopping – a retail village with everything from skis, ski hats, ski jackets to ski holiday’s – everything you need to get yourself sorted for the winter season ahead. Plus, I picked up a pretty lush Nikita Jacket at a billy bargain price from the Freeze Pro Shop.

Loving my new Flying Saucer jacket by Nikita

2. One Piece – discovering the ultimate lounge wear must have and enjoying trying it on in public?!

Having fun at the One Piece stand

3. War and Piste – meeting the author Alex Thomas bantering about seasons, the first ski company she worked for and who we knew from the mountain… all top secret of course!

The book every newbie seasonnaire should read

4. Ostrich – tried my first Ostrich burger, which at £7.50 was worth every penny!

5. Tuaca – a rather yummy vanilla citrus liqueur which goes down well with coke.

Tuaca Lodge

6. Desperados – no ski winter event is complete without a Desperado, which left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

7. Kangol Bar – discovering some funky tunes and chilling out before the big acts in the Main Tent.

8. The Streets – ‘mental’ pretty much sums up their last London performance. The crowd were on one in more ways than one and Mike Skinner did not disappoint.

Mike Skinner doing his thing!

9. Big air – well, that’s what the whole festival centres around, big slope, big jump and big air = awesome!

Brave or mad?

10. Good vibes – which is what you get when you mix a load of snow loving bums, some après drinks and good tunes.

Festival rating = 8/10

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