Jonty’s Cubbing Debut

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Jonty likes to make an entrance and an exit in this case.It was probably quite a brave idea of mine to take a green 5 year old out cubbing, but when it’s on your door step in the village you can’t really say no?!So, bleary eyed at 7.30 after a mini photoshoot with dad outside the house we set off to the Cattistock meet in Bradford Peverell.

Bleary eyed we go on our merry way

8am was the meet or in this case 7.50 as huntsman Will Bryer decided to crack on, which meant we were late… Off we trotted to catch up the small party, however, Jonty decided that going backwards was the new going forwards and the sound of the hunt was all a little bit confusing. 

Cattistock Hunt

After a bit of nannying from the hunt secretary and her horse, some emergency polos he relaxed and enjoyed watching the world go by… Until some of the world went by in a flash which sent him into a little spin..After some more standing around, nannying from a friend and her well behaved horse, a couple of canters, chatting, log jumping and a good gallop (yes, we now know what 5th gear is!) he settled down. Which was a good note to leave on. However, my exit was quite memorable, as I dismounted to move a fallen gate out of the way, Jonty stood on my foot and decided to hop over the gate, pass me and cantered on his merry way. Thankfully jumping iron bar gates out of the next field weren’t on today’s agenda! 

Jonty looking rather pleased with himself

Overall I was pleased with Jonty and I think he’s quite pleased with himself.Until next time…


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