Ben Howard in Bournemouth

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Mid October was the turn of Ben Howard at the Old Firestation in Bournemouth. I was over giddy about this gig for a number of reasons. Firstly, finally getting to watch the uber talented Ben Howard showcasing his debut album for Every Kingdom, becoming a student again for one night in Bournemouth’s Student Union, and my first proper gig with the boy.
Sadly, the Old Firestation was jam packed with students – funny that and the gig was a sale out, good for Ben, not so good for me, especially when two plonkers stood in front of us after the warm up act Michael Cassidy. We then had to endure 45 minutes of some jazz music trash, I wouldn’t have minded if it was live or if there was an array of tunes. Oh no, the same song (or so it seemed) was played on a continuous loop. In the end we decided to escape the crush of students and head to for bar, just in time for Ben to start – typical!
Anyhow, once I had got over my mini strop, and remembered I was 30 and not 18, I relaxed and enjoyed the lyrical genius that is Ben Howard. We didn’t have a great view, but with his voice it didn’t really matter. Favourite songs included: The Fear, Keep your head up and The Wolves.

Ben Howard

Gig rating = 3.5* – sadly the students and jazz loop knocked the rating down by 1 star. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Ben again next year at a festi.


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