The Minx Effect

Follow my blog with BloglovinA few months ago I noticed a certificate at my beautician’s featuring Minx Nails and I was a little bit intrigued. Sounds a bit naughty doesn’t it? Alas, it’s all above board.So what are Minx Nails? Minx is flexible firm nail coatings that are adhered perfectly to natural nails through an infra-red heat lamp. They have no drying time, long lasting (until your nails grow out), smudge free, and pretty cool coming in an array of fashionable colours and designs. There also a big hit with the celebs with everyone from Katy Perry, Blake Lively, Pixie Lott, Beyonce to Jessie J and Lady Gaga joining in on the beauty hype.

Katy Perry showing off her Minx nails

I decided to go for the floral Hippy Chick for Reading Festival on my toe nails, sadly it was welly weather rather than flip flops. However, nearly 4 weeks on and the nails are still going strong.

My Hippy Chick Minx nails

For the Christmas party season I think I might go for a solid gold or silver on my finger nails, but that will depend on the dress… and choosing the perfect party dress is a another dilemma.


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