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Dorset definitely seems to be the epi-centre of creativity from up and coming artists such as Katie Rand, to interior textile designer Caroline Tucker and now wedding jewellery designer Louise Wash the face behind Bella Tiaras. We caught up Louise to find out all about Bella Tiaras (BT) in sunny Weymouth, Dorset.

When did you launch Bella Tiaras?
Its been going a while, but only officially launched in June 2011, with the introduction of my Facebook page and I’ve been busy sending out business cards with my local hairdresser friends!

Bella Tiaras logo

How did you get started?
My background is in fashion buying, a career which I loved but unfortunately came to an end when the role moved to London and I couldn’t tear myself away from living beside the seaside!

Bella Tiaras started when I was getting married. The original ‘Bella Tiara’ is my own bridal tiara. I was really struggling to find a beautiful tiara that didn’t cost the earth – like most couples we were trying to get married on a budget and I couldn’t justify hundreds of pounds for something I’d wear once (well, other than my wedding dress of course).

Louise Wash Bella Tiaras founder modelling her bridal tiara

I set about having a go on my own and created the exact tiara that was perfect for me – I got so many compliments that it started me thinking about offering it as a service to other brides to be and prom queens.

Interestingly, my Grandmother used to make bridal tiaras as well, so it must run in the family.

Tell us a bit about the Bella Tiaras range?
The range is quite small as I want to be making the tiaras to individual specifications – so I don’t keep any stock other than the ‘prototypes’ shown on my Facebook page – these are all created to show off the style and what’s possible.

Having minimal stock also keeps my prices down as I don’t have investment tied up. The aim is to keep the prices as low as possible, and make Bella Tiaras accessible to everyone no matter what your budget.

Floral stems with fushia bead

Princess Crown

Spiral comb with navy bead

Where do you get your inspiration from?
The ideas seem to come at random moments and it’s often a while before I actually get to sit down and see if the idea works. A lot of the time it’s from watching films or on TV.

Where do you source your raw materials from?
I currently source materials as and when I need them from a little shop in Nottingham – total coincidence that’s my home town as well.

Do you follow any fashion designers?I love Temperly but don’t follow any particular designers – I’m interested in fashion and don’t mind if that style or influence comes from the catwalk or high street.

Which female celebrity would you like to dress in a Bella Tiaras?
Well, it would have been great to do the Duchess of Cambridge’s tiara but obviously Kate was spoilt for choice with the Crown Jewels!

What type of girl would wear a Bella Tiara?
Any bride, bridesmaid, or prom queen.

What does the future of Bella Tiaras?
I’m hoping to get better known this year and be the ‘go to’ lady for tiaras. I’ve got my best friend’s wedding next year so hopefully she’ll be wearing a Bella Tiara and myself and the other bridesmaids will have coordinating hair accessories.

Where can we find out more about Bella Tiaras?
I have a Facebook page at the moment and my portfolio and contact details are all on there.


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