The Joys of Dating…

We’ve all watched Sex and the City and sympathised with Carrie Bradshaw’s highs and lows on her quest to find the perfect man? Well, as the last few months of my twenties draws to an end I’m starting to sympathise more with Carrie realising he doesn’t exist.

Many of my old uni and work friends would always tease me saying ‘you always have someone on the go’ – go meaning there is someone who could be a potential, and I’m just waiting for the right moment for it all to come together. On reflection during the last decade most of my friends are now married, or settled down with ‘the one’, I on the other hand have a decade of dating disasters, along with a few joyful moments…

The old school friend who was graduating out as a doctor, the guy I met in the doctor’s waiting room whilst I was in tears from rupturing my ACL and then followed to Zurich all because he could sing and play guitar, the indie band boy I met at a Spanish wedding, and a few Dorch Vegas and Weybiza boys along the way…. sadly none of them have fit the bill.

So, as most of the ‘good guys’ are now snapped up in Dorset I’ve recently ventured in to the world of online dating… which is fairly daunting at first, especially when you turn up and realise you have nothing in common and can’t wait to get the hell out of there. I’ve made some rather bizarre excuses to turn down that second or third drink: ‘I’ve got to get home to upload some clothes to eBay’ and ‘I’m meeting my friend down at the pub quiz’ (and no you’re not invited)!

I know you have to kiss a few frogs to find your Prince, but the more recent ones have left me feeling like I’m in an episode of Eastenders or TOWIE to be precise. There was TOWIE wannabe Mark who owned a pair of GHDs, which is the first guy I’ve met to actually admit that, the others usually just borrow the girls! I should have known from the beginning that the hypothetical looking into the future planning to go skiing, Christmas dinner with the family wasn’t good banter but good bullsh*t… sadly after a few fun weeks on hindsight it was a relief that Mark decided that I wasn’t his Lauren and disappeared back to Weybiza.

Then there was Piddle Valley boy who came over very sporty on the site/text, so we set a tennis date. I should have known that when he bragged about getting in a quick game before our date that this was going to be a competitive meeting. It felt odd turning up in sports gear rather than jeans, but hey, I’m up for a laugh… However, within the first five minutes of meeting I decided that Piddle Valley boy wasn’t for me. Turns out he should have got married the other weekend to a 21 year old!! He broke off his engagement two and a half months ago for a teacher assistant, which had also gone pear shaped. So, tennis was fun, I sadly lost, but picked up some tips from the tennis coach on the courts next door – not that my attention was drifting!! He also dropped in conversation that he didn’t like horses, needless to say I haven’t made contact with him again.

So the quest to find Mr Right continues. It could be that my list of nice to haves is too long – I’ll let you decide: 5ft 10+, 25-35 years old, lives in the west country, sporty – able to ski/board/surf would be nice – but not essential, good taste in music – preferably Indie, likes horses – doesn’t need to ride, but just be interested in what I enjoy, drives and has a job – well a girl does need taking out!! It could be that I have high standards; I’m not looking for a Prince William although I wouldn’t say ‘no’ if he did turn up on my doorstep, although I think he’s a bit busy this week. I just don’t want to settle for second best.

So if anyone knows of any suitable single male friends please send them my way…


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