On the bench with The Indices

The Indices (l-r): Martin Carter, Charles Carter, Oliver Cocup and Glies Baker

Country Bumpkin Chic (CBC) had the pleasure of interviewing brothers Martin and Charles Carter from Dorchester band The Indices before their first performance of 2011. Find out what 2011 holds for the band and which venue they’d love to play at.

So, how long has The Indices been together?

Charles – We formed back in November 2008, it was myself (vocals/guitar), Martin (vocals/guitar) Giles Baker (bass), and former Primal Scream drummer Toby Tomanov, plus our sister Sarah used to join us as backing vocals when she was free.

I hear there’s a new member for 2011?Martin –Yeah, the time was right to look for a new drummer closer to our generation and we met Oliver at one of our gigs last year hitting it off straight away.

For those who haven’t heard of The Indices before, how would you describe your sound?
Charles – Alternative rock, Raconteurs meets Beetles. We’ve got an eclectic mix of influences from White Stripes, Black Keys, to PJ Harvey and Kate Bush.

Who writes the songs?
Martin – Charles used to write the main frame songs in the early days, but these days the rest of the band has more involvement coming up with lyrics and riffs.

So, what can we expect from The Indices in 2011?Martin – We’re going to be busy recording an EP during April at the Toy Box Studios in Bristol. We’re excited about going into the studio as it’s used by music guru John Parish who produces the likes of PJ Harvey.Charles – We’re bringing the EP out mid May, they’ll be 5 songs – mix of old and new stuff. We’ll be performing at a showcase at London’s infamous Monto Water Rats theatre on 15th June. Will be pretty intense with NME and label reps attending, but we’re really up for it.
CBC – Wow, exciting times ahead…can’t wait to hear the EP.

Now for some off the wall Country Bumpkin Chic questions…

Has The Indices ever had any rock diva moments?Martin – Ha, passions run high at times, but no Mariah Carey-esque diva strops from The Indices (yet!).

What rituals do you have before you perform?
Martin – Sink a pint and check my flies! Charles – Pop in the contact lenses and check all band members are present…

I’m intrigued, who is the friend in ‘Only at the Weekends’?
Charles Good question, it’s actually about mates going out on the pi** at the weekend. CBC – And there’s me thinking it was leading to a romantic love story!

If you could play one venue or festival this year, where would it be?
Charles – the new bands tent at Glastonbury.Martin – Coachella in California, it would be amazing to play in the desert.
Country Bumpkin Chic – Well thanks guys for being charming interviewees, good luck with tonight’s performance and I look forward to hearing new sounds from The Indices later this year.

The Indices played a cracking headline set rounding off a great night of musical entertainment from the local and talented including: 16 year old singer/songwriter Aidan Simpson who’s wise beyond his years, Weymouth based Tom Caulfield with his gruff yet sensitive style and newbie country/folk singer Jennings McEvoy – we loved his Stetson cowboy hat. Our fave songs from The Indices repertoire was ‘Only at the Weekends’ which you can’t help but tap your feet along to, new song ‘She’s Gone’, plus the great guitar riff solo on ‘Spite You’.

To find out more about The Indices, check out their music on My Space and where they’re playing next join their fan page on Facebook.


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