Sucker for clever packaging

I know it’s the last weekend in January, but I thought it was about time I joined the health kick along with the rest of the office.  It’s not a bad thing being fashionably late on these things sometimes, as you get to learn what works and well, what doesn’t.  One being hot water and lemon for a detox and cleansing of your inners.

So, in my quest to be healthy during my mundane Saturday Tesco shop and avoid all naughty foods.  I ended up searching for energy drinks to help me get through the afternoon lull and discovered a range of new drinks from Drink Neuro.  Even though I studied marketing at uni and fully understand the consumer behaviour behind packaging, I fell hook line and sinker for these cute bottles.

Check out

  I tried NeuroSport which is for fitness enhancement and comes with 5 electrolytes and 12 vitamins.  I tried it before and after a jumping lesson and even though it tastes very similar to the berry Powerade made a refreshing change and kept me alert…although that could be down to the cold wind.  I have a bottle of NeuroBliss next to try which states ‘happiness in every bottle’, surely this is too good to be true.  Reviews state that it gives you a 3 hour sense of euphoria and won’t leave with you a hangover!! Maybe this could be put down to natural mood enhancers – Ginkgo, Chamomile and Siberian Ginseng.  I will keep you posted.

The range in the UK also includes: Neuro Trim, Sonic and Sun.  In the US there is a bigger range including: Neuro Sleep and Gasm – all pretty self explanatory and very intriguing!! Not quite sure they’ll be stocking the latter one in Tescos!


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